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Have you ever had one of those conversations with someone where, within minutes into it, you can just wanna' hold up a bright red stop sign and say "whoa, there's a BIG misunderstanding happening here!" That's exactly what happened to me a few months ago. It was late at night. I was sitting on my […] Read More

Your first six weeks of postpartum will include some of the highest and lowest moments of early motherhood. First, there's the stress of keeping a tiny human alive outside of your body. Then, there's the significant change in hormones you'll feel (since you no longer have a placenta — the prenatal hormone powerhouse). You’ll begin […] Read More

If you're a pregnant yoga mama, you may have heard that adho muka svanasana (downward-facing dog or "DFD") isn't safe to do during your third trimester of pregnancy.   As with many of these safety guidelines, though, the reasons behind the rule may be unclear. Have you ever wondered why DFD may not be your […] Read More

Ah, the second trimester. Less fatigue (maybe), more excited phone calls and Facebook posts (perhaps), no more nausea (ideally), additional energy (I hope?)... you might even think about having sex again. Someday. Even if you're not feeling completely relieved by now, the "second third" section of pregnancy is, indeed, noted as the most blissful of […] Read More

So, you’re in your first trimester of pregnancy (yay!). Your body might feel different, but it doesn’t yet appear to be different. Instead of looking like there’s a baby in there, it really just looks like you ate a big burrito. People are puzzled: pregnant or just pudgy? (Not that it's any of their business.) In fact, aside from […] Read More

Is there something that you want to do, maybe that you've always wanted to do, that you still haven't done? Do you know what's stopping you? Training? Discipline? Support? Financial backing? They're good reasons. But challenge them. Most of the time you already have, or can get, everything you need. More often, there's something else […] Read More

** This post was originally published at by its author, Caitlin Kruse. The following is a repost of my interview with Caitlin, the first part of three on our perinatal depression series together. ** {CK} I think every mother can agree, the postpartum period is hard. You’re faced with new challenges every day in […] Read More

This week was my 40th birthday. The big one. A milestone. I feel the weight of it, in my bones. And from the moment I woke up, I was psyched about it. Like, Oprah-psyched. But there was something else, too. I was sad. Not because getting older (which I believe is a privilege, really). Because […] Read More

My real estate agent called me and said, in a calm but urgent tone, "I know you just had a baby and the timing is really bad... but do you think we could show your condo to a prospective buyer in a few hours?" I had given birth 3 weeks before this phone call. My […] Read More

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