There’s nothing like the first year of your baby’s life.

It’s joyful. It’s exciting. It’s exhausting. It changes constantly. It brings up a lot of questions that you never even thought about before becoming a parent.

Through it all, mom depends on you — her partner — to guide her, support her, take care of her. And, of course, help take care of your new baby.

It’s a lot of pressure for one person… especially if you’re new at parenting, too. Or supporting the family. Or sleep-deprived. (Or all three).

It’s also a lot of work. New moms have physical changes and intense emotions that can drive you crazy. And there’s no one-size-fits-all way to “fix it.”

Here’s a 3-step method that can help:

#1 HEAR. Listen to her, both what she says (her verbal language) and how she “seems” (her nonverbal). Does she seem sad or lonely? Sit with her. Ask how she’s feeling, and then give her your full attention (i.e., no cell phones). Is she frustrated or exhausted? Encourage her to do things that make her feel good. You can take care of mom in many ways, but she also has to take care of herself.

#2 HUG. It almost seems too easy, but sometimes your new mom just needs to be held. A warm hug, a kiss on the forehead, taking her hand when you’re walking. (Bonus: give her a compliment, too, about how great a mom she is.)

#3 HELP. New motherhood is like having a bunch of new jobs at one time — and having to do them all without a boss or staff helping you figure out what to do (wouldn’t that suck?). Pay attention to what she’s doing, and what may still need to be done, but she hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Examples: Do the dishes. Take out the trash. Take the baby (while she takes care of herself!). Scoop the litter box. HELP HER SLEEP. Sweep the floor. Change the diaper. Pick up the milk at the store. Fold the clothes. These small things can make a huge difference in how she feels.

To learn more about what to watch out for as a new parent, sign up for our free, 30-minute mini-course here.

Ritual Care teaches mom how to feel better, even while taking care of a new baby. We also teach you (and friends, family, and other loved ones) how to give her the support she needs.

And a new mother who has the right support is more likely to…

  • feel more calm and confident.
  • have a lower risk of postpartum depression, anxiety, and similar perinatal experiences.
  • be more attentive, affectionate, and happier.

At Ritual Care, we believe that every new mother deserves to feel her best. And when she does, everyone else feels it, too.

Support is out there. Start in here.