One of the most devastating facts about perinatal (postpartum) depression isn’t just that it can be so painful — it’s that so many mothers don’t get help unless they identify with being “depressed.” In fact, there’s a clinically-documented range of perinatal experiences — including depression, anxiety, OCD, psychosis and more.

Every experience is valid.

If you’re a mama who feels like you might need help (even if you aren’t feeling depressed), please know that you aren’t alone and there are other humans out there waiting to help. When you practice the right self-care rituals, you can start regulating your nervous system — activating the branch of your body’s physiology that helps you feel less stressed (really). To learn more, click here to get a free, fast PPD 101 class on perinatal mental health and awareness.

This free class…

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Let’s lift the fog and get back home to yourself. Start now.