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Do you ever wish you could just take a break and hit the reset button?

I would’ve given anything for a do-over. It was a random Thursday afternoon with my kids. It’s been over a year now, and I still remember it like yesterday. My daughter was throwing the mother-of-all-tantrums. And I lost it.

I snapped. I screamed. I scared her. And, almost as soon as it happened, I felt horrible… a heavy bowling ball of pain and regret, deep in the pit of my stomach.

I took her in my arms and held her while she cried, knowing that all I could do was apologize and tell her I’d do better.

But, without any help, how? What if I just did it again?

Have you ever lost it with your kids?

Felt irritated? Annoyed? Angry? Yelled? And hated yourself afterwards, because you know they’re just babies?

Of course. We all have.

There are days (weeks? months??) when we operate in mama triage mode. You find yourself taking care of a million things at once…except yourself.

You know your life is beautiful. But, somehow, it still feels stuck, mundane, noisy, and overwhelmed with too many to-dos. (And if you’re in the postpartum year with a new baby, add complete exhaustion to the mix.)

You don’t recognize yourself anymore.

You look in the mirror, and it isn’t you. Not the woman you remember. “Is this what I asked for?” you wonder. “How did I get here? And how do I get back home to myself?”

If that sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. There’s a whole level of busy-ness, anxiety, and fatigue reserved for new motherhood.

You try doing what used to make you feel better. But it doesn’t work anymore.

You’ve done all the self-care fad diets, but nothing sticks.

You’ve tried the bubble bath, the hot cup of tea, the online shopping for ‘stuff’ to fulfill you (but it’s fleeting instead). You set your alarm to start meditating in the morning (then hit snooze instead because, sleep). Maybe you even signed up for the 30-day challenge that was gonna’ change your life (and didn’t).

You brush it off as “just mom life.” Until one day the hormones-and-fatigue combo hits, hard. Or you completely lose your sh*t in front of the whole Whole Foods. Or you get more boxes of baby stuff from Amazon… that you forgot you ordered.

Then it hits you: your lack of self-care is costing you, big time. Exhaustion and anxiety is one expensive habit.

And you know the undeniable truth: if things don’t change, you’ll end up with an emotional debt that weighs on you every day.

You’re so overwhelmed and stressed, that you’re overspending your most precious resources — time, energy, health, and money — on what isn’t working.

✓ Losing hours of your life on social media?
✓ Feeling guilty for not getting enough done?
✓ Procrastinating on all. the. things?


✓ Losing sleep, lacking strength, gaining weight, getting sick?
✓ Feeling disconnected from your body?
✓ Having too much takeout (and not enough water)?


✓ Feeling overwhelmed because you just can’t say “no?”
✓ Constantly tired until the surge of morning caffeine kicks in?
✓ Avoiding anything remotely related to sex with your partner (because, um, fatigue)?


✓ Booking expensive spa treatments to ‘fix’ everythang?
✓  Mindlessly buying groceries that you just end up throwing out?
✓ Addicted to the ease of overnight shopping delivery (screw the extra shipping fees!)?


But imagine: what if you could take care of yourself everyday, and still take care of everything else?

How much time, energy, health, and money would you save?

How would it change your looks, your state of mind, your marriage, your parenting?

What is that worth?

This is your game plan to get there.

CORECARE is a step-by-step, self-paced, all-online program that helps you

rebuild your “emotional resilience” account — and finally feel happier.

It’s how you’ll nourish yourself. No more fad diets. No more starving for self-care.

You’ll drop the excuses.

You’ll say the scary things, out loud.

You’ll make space for more support, healing, and happiness — whether you’re transitioning through postp

artum, right in the middle of early motherhood, or both!

And you’ll use your priceless time, energy, health, and money to change your life.

In a word, amazing.I wish I had known about these absolutely invaluable insights and practical, life-changing tips when I had my first baby. It would have added so much more thoughtfulness, calm, awareness and yes, bliss, to that first challenging year of motherhood. That said, it’s never too late and as a working mother of a preschooler and first grader now, these self-care lessons are just as spot on today. Thank you, Kelly!

– Alicia, Mama to 2 + Attorney

“My mind is blown! This program is so much deeper than what we think of as “self-care,” the way it’s commercialized and just trendy these days. I feel like I’ve found the keys to the kingdom. I understood self-care intellectually before, but now I really get it! More than ever, I’m finding more moments for myself that don’t just feel good — they actually make a difference in how I choose to live, every day. This is another level… I’ve been spending more time with my kids, and it’s so different. I’m more organized, appreciative and mindful — it’s all helped me create the space in my days and mind and heart to appreciate my children. It’s just amazing.”

– Anna, Mom to 2

I’ve done CORECARE like a workshop. I am a nerd and really like conferences and workshops, so I liked doing it that way. It was like immersion and prompted much-needed introspection…and it’s changed both my life and my approach to motherhood. Since starting the program, I’ve been inspired to do so many “small” things that make a huge difference in how I feel. Plus, I’ve learned how to incorporate lots of self-care together with my son — something I would have never considered before.

– Kandice, Attorney + Mama to 1

CORECARE was an absolute pleasure. I looked forward to the lessons and I so enjoyed both parts, the videos, and journal pages. It all got me thinking, reflecting, wondering. This program made me love myself a bit more and that is just a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It shifted something within. I can’t put my finger on it, but something changed. Maybe it was purely taking the time to think about ME. Maybe it was realizing that self-care can be the tiniest of moments and that’s OK! Maybe it was realizing that I can SHARE my self-care with my little guy… Next week is my due date for baby #2 and I know life is about to shift a whole lot more pretty soon… the newborn days are beautiful and magical but they are also full of exhaustion, frustration and other not so lovely feelings. I know it may be a bit harder for me to do my favorite self-care activities but I’m open to new ones (and I learned so many strategies that I know I can use!)… and I’m so happy that it’s available for us to access anytime so I can go back to it whenever I want. Simply put, CORECARE changed my outlook going forward.

– Liz, Journalist + Mama to 1.5

I get so anxious about my to-do lists, and have trouble making myself a priority sometimes. With CORECARE, it’s been easier to focus on the good I’m doing every day, and stressing less about what I don’t get done. I also love the energy from other moms (extra special), the online experience overall (super gorgeous), and the private forum (very convenient). Taking care of myself now feels less like something I have to do, and more like something I get to do.

– Amy, Mama to 4, Owner of Exercising Balance™ Yoga Videos


Care rituals that work in real life, for life.

The CORECARE Curriculum

what you’ll learn, step-by-step

Built for flexibility…

with a ton of customizable options

Beautiful design, Gorgeous results…

with an online membership site to help you feel your best, including:
  • An online video-guided program with quick, self-paced lessons (average 4.5 minutes each) that help not only help you feel amazing ASAP, but will also last a lifetime

  • Audio versions of each lesson

  • The CORECARE Journal, a printable playbook of self-care practices, including worksheets, templates, lesson summaries, journal prompts, and other resources

  • A bonus module of video tutorials, including makeup, mommy-and-me yoga, skin care, and healthful eating

  • A bonus library of resources, including downloadables, printables, guides and eBooks, templates, interviews, and audio learning lab

  • A virtual private notebook online, for your personal notes and “top takeaways” from each module, all privately saved within the program

  • A private membership directory of like-minded mamas who are committed to taking better care of themselves, like you (with an option to search for an accountability partner)

  • A private Facebook Q+A forum for common questions, concerns and support

  • An organized, easy-to-use interface for all the things, including a clean, pretty dashboard, program visual roadmap, fixed navigation menu, progress bars, virtual checklists, and online quizzes to remind you how freaking brilliant you are

  • Lifetime access to all CORECARE Basic materials, including all upgrades at no additional cost

  • Your own private online Sanctuary account, with all of your Ritual Care materials in one, easy-to-access-anytime place

  • Monthly coaching support with Kelly, including three (3) 60-minute private coaching calls and email advising (CORECARE Coaching only)

  • Your own custom private client page, with an intro image gallery, a personal motivational message from Kelly, a virtual private note-taking section, a private Q+A chat area for communications with Kelly (as well as email advising), and a unique virtual inspiration wall designed for you (CORECARE Coaching only)

  • An invitation to join the CORECARE Coaching monthly maintenance tier at an exclusive, special rate designed for our ongoing work together (CORECARE Coaching only)

  • A risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the program

  • All designed for major flexibility…which makes every self-care break easier to take

Designed for different schedules…

to fit your self-care into your lifestyle.

Feel like yourself again…

or, maybe, for the first time
  • Start healing yourself from mama burnout (or prevent it before it happens)

  • Curb constant over-spending, mindless eating, excessive worrying and other anxiety-driven behaviors

  • Less losing it over little things, and more deposits in your emotional resilience reservoir

  • Freak out less in front of your kids, and learn to let irritations roll off of your back instead

  • Ditch your compare-and-despair habit to “perfect” social media moms, and make your feed a happy place again

  • Get quiet time (!) alone (!!), even outside of the bathroom (!!!)

  • Appreciate the people you love most more often (and harbor less resentment)

  • Stop feeling disconnected from your body, and start listening to it instead

  • End negative thought spirals and rewire your brain for positivity

  • Turn power struggles with others into opportunities for intimacy and bonding

  • Take off the mask, remove the armor, drop the “I’m fine,” and let yourself be yourself

  • Feel confident explaining self-care to your partner or naysayers (it’s not just willpower or woo-woo — it’s science!)

  • Stop sacrificing “me time” for family time (and still have family time!)

  • Ease the stress associated with infertility and other conditions, like adrenal fatigue, anxiety disorders, even heart disease (the #1 cause of death for women in the U.S.)

  • Notice the tiny, delicate details in your life (the dreamy sunset, her crinkly little nose, his tiny curled toes!)

  • Have shinier, thicker, more lustrous hair (okay, I kid)

  • Stop feeling alone in motherhood and, instead, stay accountable and inspired with other mothers who know what unfiltered mom life is like

  • Access mom-approved wellness resources that make even woo-woo self-care super-practical

  • End the exhausting effort to always improve, and practice peace with yourself, just the way you are

  • Enjoy INSTANT + LIFETIME ACCESS to the entire program, including all additions in the future, at zero cost

“That’s great, but…

…is it right for me?” Only you know.
How does CORECARE work?2019-04-10T10:41:18-04:00

CORECARE is an online “self-care school” that helps you care of yourself every day, even when you’re taking care of your small people. It’s got 6 main levels (or “modules”) with short lessons (average 4.5 minutes each). It’s also totally flexible and self-paced, so you can start and stop whenever you want. If you’re a “Bites mama,” you can do a little each day. Or, if you’re a “Binge mama,” you can binge in a few sittings.

Once you’re enrolled, you’ll get instant access to it all: your CORECARE visual roadmap that outlines your self-care curriculum, the modules and lessons, the resources and bonus materials, access to your own virtual private note-taking section, the searchable, members-only user directory, the private group forum, the audio library, and more. And if you’re a CORECARE Coaching member, you’ll also have access to Kelly’s private advising call calendar.

What is the Self-Care Triad™? Do I have to buy the Level 1 program before I enroll in CORECARE, Level 2?2019-06-08T20:25:48-04:00

The Self-Care Triad™ is a 3-tiered self-care framework that I, Kelly Newsome Georges, developed over 10 years of research and practice. It describes the 3 macro-levels of self-caring: intellectual (Level 1), intuitive (Level 2), and instinctual (Level 3). CORECARE is a Level 2 Self-Care Triad program. There is a free introductory class on the Self-Care Triad, as well as a Level 1 program; these are recommended, but they are not at all required. You can begin CORECARE without any prior experience or knowledge!

What if I don’t have small children? Or if I’m not a mom at all?2019-05-08T15:24:59-04:00

CORECARE is designed for mothers of young children because mothers (and especially new, postpartum moms!) tend to put everyone else’s needs before their own. This “impulse” is simply part of motherhood for most of us. We often need more help prioritizing our own care… and this is one of the main reasons CORECARE was born!

But you don’t have to have children. If you aren’t a mom, but you’re a mom-to-be, a grandma, an “auntie,” a doula, a childcare provider — or another mom-and-baby-loving type — you are welcome to join! We ask only that you recognize and respect the high level of mother-related comments or other communication expected to arise in the program.

I know I need better self-care, but I’m so busy! How quickly can I finish CORECARE?2019-04-10T10:34:23-04:00

As quickly as you like!

CORECARE has 6 main levels (or “modules”). It also has an introductory “Start Here” section and a short welcome in Module 0. Each main level has up to 6 lessons, that run on average 4.5 minutes each. In other words, the lessons are short and doable, designed specifically for mom life.

The program is also completely self-paced and you have access to everything at once — no “dripping” content by day or week. You go at your own pace, and can do a little at a time (the “Bites” schedule) or go for a more intensive, workshop style (the “Binge” schedule). Or mix it up as you go.

Some moms finish in a month (or less); others take a year (or more). Your progress depends on your pace. And because you’ll have complete access to the entire program at once — and lifetime access to everything — you get to decide!

What’s the difference between CORECARE Basic and Coaching memberships?2019-05-09T08:00:52-04:00

CORECARE Basic is the standard program offering. You may buy it directly. CORECARE Coaching is an application-only membership level that includes the CORECARE Basic program, plus private coaching support from me (Kelly 🙂 every month. Coaching is the only one-on-one advising option available for individual work with me directly and, as such, there are a very limited number of slots available.

Both Basic and Coaching members get lifetime access to the digital product platform, video and audio content, the CORECARE Journal (including worksheets, templates, lesson summaries, journal prompts, etc.), a bonus module of video tutorials, a virtual notebook online, a private, searchable membership directory, access to a private community Q+A forum, and a virtual, members-only resource library, an audio learning lab, and customer email support for technical issues — all in an easy-to-use interface in your own private Sanctuary account to keep everything organized.

As a CORECARE Coaching client, you also get monthly support, including three (3) 1-on-1 private advising calls and email advising each month. Calls last up to 60 minutes each. We’ll work together on any issue related to self-care, motherhood, or well-being, applying CORECARE lessons to your specific circumstances. You’ll integrate what you’re learning into your life, and focus on any concerns that keep you from feeling confident and resilient.

You’ll also get your own private client page for resource sharing, throughout our coaching relationship. Your page includes yummy features like a personalized intro image gallery, a motivational audio message, a virtual private note-taking section, a private Q+A chat area for questions and other shares with me, and your own small inspiration wall to be a visual cheat sheet when you need to get aligned.

After your initial month of coaching sessions end, you have the chance to continue at a reduced, “monthly mom maintenance plan” rate. Coaching is completely customized and there is no timing requirement; in other words, you don’t have to complete certain sections of the CORECARE Basic program on a schedule. You can continue for as long as the coaching relationship is mutually agreeable.

The Coaching level is ideal for someone who wants a partner-in-health right there alongside with you, giving you encouragement, perspective, optimistic practicality, and a whole lot of virtual hugs.

How much does CORECARE cost? What does the price include?2019-04-16T18:27:19-04:00

CORECARE Basic, the standard program, costs $399 (join in the first 48 hours to get $100 off and pay just $299). CORECARE Coaching, with 1:1 coaching sessions, costs $1499.

Prices are all-inclusive of the digital product platform, 6 modules of video and audio content (plus a bonus module of video tutorials), the CORECARE Journal, a comprehensive, printable self-care practice playbook, lesson summaries, a private, searchable member directory, a virtual resource library with downloads, printables, audio sessions and more, access to a private Q+A forum, the program transcript eBook, and your own private Sanctuary account to keep everything organized, and customer email support for technical issues.

CORECARE Coaching clients also get three (3) 1-on-1 private, partner-in-health sessions with Kelly by phone. Each session lasts up to 60 minutes each, and clients receive unlimited email support throughout their session schedule.

I’d like to do this, but it’s more than I usually spend on myself. How can I justify the cost?2019-04-10T10:23:46-04:00

It is important to be wise about how you spend your money — this is a component, in fact, of self-caring.

CORECARE costs more than an app or some other programs because it is not a basic diet plan, or a workout guide — it’s a long-term investment in yourself. In your physical and mental health, and your emotional well-being.

But it’s about more than feeling good. How healthy and happy you are affects everyone around you — your partner, your children, your colleagues, your customers, your pets.

This program is not a collection of blog posts, or a “Band-aid” for a bad day (although it can help healing!). It is a comprehensive, step-by-step approach — a proprietary framework — for learning how to see self-care differently.

CORECARE seeks to erase old habits and help you think differently. I’ve personally curated every detail — from the content to the design — to give you a beautiful way to take care of yourself every day, at the click of a button. And while you can feel results immediately, these lessons teach you how to come back to your center, for life.

You don’t need to buy anything unless it feels good to you (in fact, I don’t recommend it otherwise). I will always provide free content in newsletters and social media. But if you’re ready for the next step, for having all of the information at your fingertips — organized into a clear roadmap that you can revisit time and time again — then this program is there for you.

And if you’re still unsure, take an inventory of how much you’re already spending to find relief for problems that a more comprehensive self-care plan could solve. How much are those problems costing you? And how much would you pay to feel really good every day instead?

Ask yourself. Your answer is inside.

Can I get a refund if CORECARE doesn’t work for me?2019-05-28T18:50:43-04:00

Yes, we want to be sure you feel great about your purchase, so we have a 10-day money-back guarantee for the CORECARE Basic program.


Ritual Care will offer a refund for your product of CORECARE Basic within ten (10) days after the date of purchase (e.g., if you purchase on May 1st, you are eligible to request a refund until the end of May 11th). If you don’t believe that the program has fulfilled its promise, send an email to support[at]ritualcare[dot]com and let us know.

To process any refund request, you must also complete the Start Here section and send (i) fully-completed program work for Modules 0 and 1, and materials to demonstrate that you put forth your best effort, including, for example, all lesson worksheets, journal prompts, and other exercises (on our end, we’ll confirm your full completion of each of the video/audio lessons), AND (ii) in your email, let us know how and where the product fell short, so that we can improve it for future customers.


Once we receive these materials, you’ll get a full refund for your CORECARE Basic purchase. All love, no hard feelings.

This sounds great, but my mental bandwidth is low and I don’t think I can absorb more information…2019-04-10T10:14:46-04:00

We hear you! Info overload!

Rest assured, this is NOT a memory test. You can breathe a sigh of relief.

The lessons are short and digestible. They include visual aids to make practice easier. Or, because the program is mobile-responsive, you can also just listen to the audio versions of each lesson if you want to hear them again on the go.

Finally, the biggie: you’ve got lifetime access to the program (including any upgrades and additions in the future), so you can revisit the lessons whenever you like, as much as you like. In other words, you’re covered!

What if I can’t finish the program quickly? Do I really have access forever?2019-04-10T10:06:27-04:00


CORECARE is designed for you to complete at your own pace. Some moms fall into the “Bites” schedule (doing a lesson each day, or a few each week), and others flow into the “Binge” schedule (doing a larger chunk once or twice a month, for instance).

Once you’re registered, you can begin CORECARE whenever you want, and complete it on your own schedule. Plus, you do have “lifetime” access to the material (including all additions to the program in the future) as long as it exists online. So you can revisit it whenever you want, for years to come.

As long as you sign up before the final purchase date, you’ll have anytime access to this program online. And if we ever stop offering it online, you’ll have the chance to download everything and keep it forever.

Does CORECARE really work? How will I feel the results?2019-04-10T10:04:44-04:00

I’ve used different versions of the CORECARE Method for years, throughout the most painful times in my life — including recovery from physical surgery, the dissolution of long-term relationships, the births of my children and postpartum years that followed, the heart-wrenching illness (and, eventually, the passing) of my beloved pet, adjusting to living in a foreign country where I don’t speak the language, and more.

That said, the only way you’ll know if it works for you is to go for the experience, and actually do the work. As for measuring your results, that’s a bit trickier — self-care doesn’t always yield tangible results.

How do you determine that you’re “feeling better,” after all? The best technique — and one that you’ll use often in this program — is journaling. We’ll “take your temperature” each day, an inventory of your state of being. By the end of the program, you’ll have a complete record of how you’ve felt physically and emotionally from start to finish.

Also, be sure to read the testimonials below from other moms for more information on their Ritual Care experience!

I have another question that isn’t answered here…2019-04-10T09:29:50-04:00

Talk to us! Send us your question here.

Click below to choose your program. Basic members will get a personal Sanctuary account upon purchase and instant access. Coaching applicants will get a confirmation of application receipt, and a response within 1-3 business days. Applicants also have the option to purchase CORECARE Basic (and start the program immediately) when submitting an application. Your coaching relationship generally begins within 1 week after your application has been accepted.
Special pricing for 48 hours only.
Now $299 $399!


$100 OFF! Regular $399. Single Payment.
  • 6 Video + Audio Modules, Bonus Tutorial Module, Bonus Resource Library, CORECARE Journal Playbook, Program Transcript eBook, Private Member Directory, Private Facebook Q+A Forum, Personal Sanctuary Account


$100 OFF! Regular $1499. Single or 2-Payment Plan.
  • Everything in the Basic Program, plus 3 individual Private Coaching Calls with Kelly, private 1:1 online Q+A exchange, unlimited email support for the duration of coaching membership, and option to renew monthly at a special rate

I love CORECARE. I love that it is completely centered around the user. You can do it anytime and anywhere. I also love that even though it is ‘self’-centered you still feel like you are part of a larger support group. It feels as though Kelly is there by your side, even if she is an ocean away. Self-care is the most important thing a woman/mother can learn, and Kelly is an amazing teacher, coach and mentor.

– Kelly L., Mama to 2 + Attorney

Honestly, I thought this would never fit this into my crazy schedule. But it did, and just at the right time. I recently started a new job, moved to a new state, ended a long-term relationship, and was hit with a family emergency — all in the last 6 months. It’s taken all of my energy, and self-care fell to the bottom of my priority list. But Kelly understands juggling “real life” like this, and this program was the ultimate, bite-sized self-care guide for me. Even though it’s designed for new moms and I am not a mom myself. I wanted the tools so I could be a more conscientious, supportive friend (and super auntie), and the program delivered. It’s crafted with care, but without preaching or guilt trips — just encouragement and manageable, effective guidance for the self-care we all deserve.

– Sonja, Auntie to countless kiddos + Marketing Manager

GOLD! I went through a bunch of lessons before an event that I had this past weekend. I landed in NY, already travel-weary, sick with a cold, but with a major case of FOMO feeling the need to attend as much of the events as possible to connect with as many people as possible. It didn’t help that there were two other pregnant women there — which made me wonder, if they can do it, shouldn’t I? But in the end, the CORECARE lessons supported me in listening to the part of me that was so tired I could cry, instead of what I felt I *should do* because everyone else was meeting up early and staying out late. The program helped me do what I knew I needed — and it was priceless. I excited to keep moving through it!

– Michelle, Decision Engineering Executive Coach + Mom to 1.5

Although I don’t have children, I was drawn to this program and it worked like a charm. Kelly magically becomes your own private guide, helping you to navigate the stressful daily grind, leading you to clarity and ease. Her “Bliss List” is pure genius and one of my favorite exercises. Kelly knows what it’s like to be insanely busy, and she imparts her lessons in quick, easy-to-understand steps. She expertly guides you toward strategies for success and ease.

– Kim, Real Estate Agent

“To me, self care has always been about the big things. An hour-long run. A lunch date or a relaxed phone call with a dear friend. But, with a world-wind toddler and small food business, those things don’t nearly happen as often as they should. CORECARE helped me identify the little nuggets of time I didn’t even know I had, and harvest them into guiltless self-care bliss. It’s helped me to stop, take a deep breath (on even the craziest of days) and enjoy the things that make me happy and recharge my spirit. The fact that some many of these moments are spent together with my little girl, is just a huge added bonus.”

– Kristen, Mama to 1 + Collegiate Wellness Coach

Oh yeah, one more thing…

Who I am (and why I made this for you)

I’m Kelly Newsome Georges, a mama of 2, bonus mom to 3, wife, expat, creator of the Self-Care Triad™ programs, including CORECARE.

And since you’ve made it down to this part of the page, chances are I made CORECARE for you. But, initially, I made it for me — when I was smack in survival mode. A new mom alone in a new country, with 2 babies, a blended family, and a big learning curve. It was emotional quicksand; I was functional, but stressed out. One morning, sipping the lifeforce that is coffee, I looked around. Looked at my children. Saw through the postpartum depression, anxiety, anger. And realized: I’m missing it. I was missing the moments — in motherhood, marriage, and more — that make life matter most. This one big, beautiful, messy life we each have.

I went looking for help, but I didn’t find what I needed… so I leaned into my training as a professional birth and postpartum doula, Positive Psychology coach, yoga teacher, and mama, and built it. I pulled together the teachings I’d shared with mothers over a decade of in-person sessions, and weaved the threads together to share this online offering with many more.

I hope you love it and, more importantly, I hope it helps you love yourself.

Big love,
Click below to choose your program. Basic members will get a personal Sanctuary account upon purchase and instant access. Coaching applicants will get a confirmation of application receipt, and a response within 1-3 business days. Applicants also have the option to purchase CORECARE Basic (and start the program immediately) when submitting an application. Your coaching relationship generally begins within 1 week after your application has been accepted.
Special pricing for 48 hours only.
Now $299 $399!


$100 OFF! After 48 hours, $399
  • 6 Video + Audio Modules, Bonus Tutorial Module, Bonus Resource Library, CORECARE Journal Playbook, Program Transcript eBook, Private Member Directory, Private Facebook Q+A Forum, Personal Sanctuary Account


Single Payment or 2-Payment Plan
  • Everything in the Basic Program, plus 3 individual Private Coaching Calls with Kelly, private 1:1 online Q+A exchange, unlimited email support for the duration of coaching membership, and option to renew monthly at a special rate

See you in

the self-care studio!

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