Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering what self-care is? Or whether you have to be a new mom to join Ritual Care? Read below for answers to our most frequently asked questions.


Self-care is the relationship that you have with yourself. Ideally, it includes practices like listening to your needs, balancing information with intuition, and responding to the world . It can be what you do, of course, but it’s also what you say or think. We help moms practice all three.


Ritual Care is an online self-care studio and coaching practice that helps new moms feel more resilient every day. It’s designed to support women from pregnancy through early, or “pre-K” motherhood (though it’s not limited to this timeframe — keep reading). Our online studio, the Sanctuary, has programs and products — including a Free Library — and offers a free account to any mom who wants to join. Click here to visit the Sanctuary.

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Then, visit our online self-care studio, The Sanctuary. Grab a free tool or register for an online program, and store everything in your free account online for easy, 24/7 access.


“Early motherhood” describes the time period that starts after the postpartum year, includes toddlerhood, and ends in the “pre-K” stage (around kindgergarten). This isn’t a clinical term, nor is it set in stone — it depends on each mother’s own intuitive definition — but most moms describe feeling like they’re in “early motherhood” when they have babies between age 1 and 5.


No problem!

Ritual Care is ideal for:

  • pregnant mamas (any trimester),
  • postpartum mamas (first year or more of baby’s life), and
  • pre-K mamas (toddlers or older, but still young, children).

But, our core principles, core practices, and many strategies can also benefit you if you’re a: 

  • pre-mama who wants to get pregnant,
  • papa or partner who wants to be more informed, effective and helpful, or
  • a woman committed to taking better care of yourself and the world around you.

And if you plan on supporting a new mother — as a doula, childcare provider, grandparent, or friend, for instance — we have tools for you, too. Our free, 30-minute mini-course, PPD 101: Essentials for Every New Parent, is a great learning resource for new mama mental health —  and it’s great for anyone who loves one. And printables like Doula Secrets for Birth Partners Cheat Sheet and 50 Ways to Help a New Mom and Baby (and more) offer birth doula-directed guidance for helpers. Get them all for free here.

So, no — you do not have to be a mom to benefit from Ritual Care. That said, if you don’t love mamas and babies, though, this may not be the best site for you!