The Self-Care Triad™

What is it?

The Self-Care Triad™ is a 3-tiered care system developed by Ritual Care founder Kelly Newsome Georges over 10 years of research and practice. It describes how to access the 3 sources of self-caring wisdom — instincts from our “roots,” intuition in our “core,” and intellect from our “crown” — and how to balance them to unlock a deeper level of care rituals and transformation. The Triad is the foundation for Ritual Care’s work, including all programs and products.

How can I learn the Triad™?

The best way is to start with our Level 1 Self-Care Triad program, The Creating Ritual Workshop. You’ll leave the Workshop knowing exactly how the Triad works…. and with a whole new understanding about how self-care is the answer to all problems (really!). Plus, you’ll have a fresh way to look and think about self-care — and an stand-out visual model — that makes it easier than every before.

You can also sign up for our Level 2 Self-Care Triad program, CORECARE® Self-Care School. Here, you’ll focus on principles and practices that bring the Triad to {your} life. NOTE: The Creating Ritual Level 1 program is recommended before moving on to Level 2, it isn’t required. You may enroll in CORECARE without any prior experience or knowledge, or even take the Creating Ritual Workshop after.

Our Level 3 program, MORECARE™ Mom Coaching, is where you can upgrade your transformation with private coaching sessions. We work one-on-one to make way for miracles to happen, mama. All MORECARE members have access to CORECARE before sessions begin. We’ll cover anything that you want to work on, while using CORECARE principles and practicess to help make our time together even more productive, powerful, and juicy.

Our New Parent Partner® birth and postpartum program offers a quick look at the Triad, but focuses more on birth, postpartum, newborn-specfic topics.

Do I have to be a mom to use the Triad™?

Nope! I’ve been working with mamas for over 10 years — and obsessed with birth and babies for over 30! — but you don’t have to have littles to learn this. My programs are “designed for mothers, but open to others.” So, if you are compassionate towards mamas — and comfy with baby and kid stories — please jump in and join us!

How do I get started?

See our Programs and Products for more details on any program listed above.