The Self-Care Triad™

What is it?

The Self-Care Triad™ is a 3-tiered self-care framework developed by Kelly Newsome Georges (that’s me!) over 10 years of research and practice. It describes 3 macro-levels of self-caring: intellectual (Level 1), intuitive (Level 2), and instinctual (Level 3), and it is the foundation for my and Ritual Care’s work, including all programs.

How can I learn the Triad™?

We currently offer a Level 2 Self-Care Triad program, CORECARE. Our Level 1 program, Mindshare Care, is under redesign and will open in Summer 2019. Our Level 3 program is scheduled to open in 2020. We will also soon offer a free introductory class on The Self-Care Triad.

While the free introuctory class and Level 1 programs are recommended before moving on to CORECARE (Level 2), they are not at all required. You can begin CORECARE without any prior experience or knowledge! However, in order to get the most out of your product, we will strongly advise all Level 3 program participants complete CORECARE before enrolling.

See our Programs and Products for more details.