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There is nothing like private coaching to empower you through anything — from making a tough decision, preparing for a new baby, changing jobs (or countries), or evolving through everyday {mom} life.

Our work together will help you clear through the mess and get unstuck.You’ll finally get the supportive guidance, brilliant tools, and clear direction you crave, so you can spark change and transcend into a place of peace and power…before you lose your mind. 😉


You’re here because you’re wanting a little more. Something deeper, something a bit

more personal.

And I’m virtually high-fiving you right now, ‘cause you are in the right place.

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MORECARE is ideal if you want more time, accountability, and personalized support that is tailored to your lifestyle and unique needs. We work together directly to help you feel aligned, grounded and transformed.


This is for you if:

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You're ready to find the way forward (at lightning speed). Feel more ease and empowerment - whether you're strugging with mom guilt or stuck in decision limbo.

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You're ready to say YES to embracing your intuition and instincts (yep, you've got 'em) like never before.

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You’re ready for an authentic, meaningful and loving relationship with yourself - and with others.

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You’re ready to embrace and nurture yourself...and you KNOW this is the time to access the highest version of yourself (and you CAN’T wait to meet her!).

You can get unstuck. You can unlock your dream reality. But you've got to open the door.

Holly praises Ritual CareWorking with Kelly has been a godsend.

Kelly has provided me with the resources and skills that allow me to take care of myself emotionally, mentally and physically. She’s given me such a gift: a true, authentic commitment to my comprehensive self-care and wellness (and the accountability I need to make it happen!).

Holly, Mama to 3 + Attorney

After just three months, I feel like I am awake.

When I started working with Kelly, I really felt like I was in crisis. I was drawn to work with her for reasons I wasn’t totally clear on, but I am so glad I followed that gut feeling. When we started working together, sleep deprivation and general stress of (pandemic) life was stealing my joy and my ability to be present to my beautiful life. After just three months, I feel like I am awake. I am able to slow down and really thoughtfully choose how I react, how I spend my time, how I make decisions. I am so grateful for what I have learned from her and the way this work continues to change my life.

– Annie, Mama to 2

Anne praises Ritual Care

From overwhelmed and anxious, to empowered and mindful.

I’ve worked with Kelly through all three of my pregnancies, postpartum, and beyond. Before I started working with her, I was the definition of “spinning”.  I constantly felt overwhelmed and anxious about life in general - but specifically with raising my three young children.  So often, I found myself operating in a fog...

Now I feel empowered and mindful. Working with Kelly has helped me to build the tools - and confidence - to take care of myself mentally, physically, and spiritually.

– Anne Ashley, Mama to 3

Meet Kelly.

Expat Mama, Bonus Mom, Self-Care Coach, Doula and Founder of ritualcare.com

I’m Kelly, and I am so thrilled that you’re here.

Whether you are brand new to motherhood, you have another little one on the way, or you’re constantly spinning out of control from the demands of parenting -- take a deep breath.

You’re in the right place.

I’m here, holding the light for you. I believe you can evolve and blossom through the seasons and stages of motherhood. I've seen it for over 10 years, as I've helped women find ease, courage and joy in this divine journey.

Trust me, it's not only possible -- it's your birthright.


Many people say that once you become a mama, you can say goodbye to your own care.

But you haven't given up... because your deeper self knows the Truth. You sense that there IS a way... in fact, it’s why you’re here!

And I’m here for you, to guide your journey... because when it comes to "me care," motherhood is actually the perfect place to practice.

The secret is finding the RIGHT care rituals, and making them as normal as brushing your teeth everyday. Because your care is that important.

  • You can get life-changing results from small, doable steps.
  • I believe you can turn your chaos into confidence.
  • I believe you can go from “I’m a hot mess” to “I can do this… and I’m doing great.”
  • Because you can do this. You are worth this. And your care is the key.

PS:  You can read my super-formal bio here.

xx Kelly

So what exactly is MORECARE?

MORECARE is a private, 1:1 live coaching system. It is founded in a blend of intuitive energy work, neurophysiology, multiple maternal well-being disciplines, and conscious parenting philosophies. Clients can get coaching 3 ways: ongoing monthly support, a laser-focused coaching day, or a corporate group care skills course. We'll work together to decide what's best for you. All plans are designed to help you feel more replenished, empowered and clearer than ever before.


What’s included?


1:1 private coaching with me

With a dedicated attention to master your goals, find alignment, and feel amazing. 


Private Client Portal in Sanctuary

With regular "lifestyle" coaching calls, you'll also get a private portal with customized moodboard, resource section, online messaging option and more.


Get free access to CORECARE Self-Care School

Get free access to CORECARE Self-Care School, our complementary online curriculum - including 6 modules of care content, an extensive collection of care tools, and tons of extra bonuses to support your journey.


Most coaching focuses on more information...

...but we'll go beyond that for deeper  transformation. We'll use the Self-Care Triad - my key to true self-caring. You'll master how to tap into your 3 sources of wisdom - a triad of instincts, intuition and intellect - to unlock results that you want for motherhood, work, or any other topic.

When you say "I don't have time to take care," it's like saying "I don't have time to do the only thing that really works."


How to Get Started

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Need consistent support?

Monthly Coaching | MOST POPULAR

  • One (1) 60-minute Planning Session per month. In this session, you get to make a plan for your care, break through mental patterns, and release emotional weight that you've been carrying in your body, mind, heart and soul. Includes custom-designed personal client portal, and unlimited Voxer Access to work on your plan. 
  • Perfect for you if... you want recurring, consistent support - with space in between sessions to practice new skills, transform over time, and grow with guidance along the way. This is the ideal option if you have a lot of topics to talk about, big goals that need regular reflection and focus, and supportive, steady accountability to make them reality.
  • Investment: $999/month

Specific issue to discuss?

Ask Me Anything Day | TARGETED 

  • One (1) full day of unlimited access to Voxer (a super-simple voice message app) access to ask all. the. questions... and get all. the. guidance. Some moms say it’s like having “constant support right on their shoulder” during sticky moments.
  • Bonus: you get to keep the recordings and listen whenever you need a boost!
  • Perfect for you if... you’ve got a specific issue to tackle, and want an answer yesterday. Topics can range from organizing your days and kids' sleep schedules, to decision-making, boundary-setting, or support for other challenges. This is a great option if you like longer conversations, prefer a low commitment, and still want fast results in a super-short timeframe.
  • Investment: $399/day

Law firm/private group?

The Unstuck Sessions | GUIDED SERIES

  • Custom-designed series of six (6) 45-minute sessions to help your employees or group members get unstuck, find their centers, and practice care skills that work. Guided by our 4-point Care Quadrant™ frame, these sessions tackle the biggest sources of stress, especially for mothers. You'll gather ideas, practice care skills and find clarity. You'll leave with a new self-care skill set, and a workbook filled with insights.
  • Perfect for you if... your group needs a solid foundation in how to use care skills for more work-life balance, happiness, productivity and performance.
  • We'll explore the neurophysiological basis of care, learn main care themes, and apply practical skills.
  • Investment: Custom flat rate

'Want to see which MORECARE system is right for you?

Apply and schedule your free fitting call to find out.

Holly praises Ritual CareMy work with Kelly inspired me so much.

As a mom with two kids under the age of 3, I was trying to balance a freelance career with my job as a mother.

I’ve since taken a step back, and reflected on which priorities are most important to me, and I truly know now that if I’m not taking care of myself, I’m not able to take the best care of my family either.

Now, instead of burning out, I’m shining bright. I’m truly grateful for Kelly’s amazing advice. It is helping me create the life I really want, with the work I enjoy and the people who are important to me.

Holly, Mama to 2, Journalist + Author

In a word, Kelly is amazing.

I wish I had known about these absolutely invaluable insights and practical, life-changing tips when I had my first baby. It would have added so much more thoughtfulness, calm, awareness and yes, bliss, to that first challenging year of motherhood. That said, it’s never too late and as a working mother of a preschooler and first grader now, these self-care lessons are just as spot on today. Thank you, Kelly!”

– Alicia, Mama to 2 + Attorney

Margaret praises Ritual CareEven though I had prepared so much for labor, I wasn’t quite prepared for the emotional and physical shifts that came afterward.

Birthing my daughter — and the months that followed — was the most transformative and challenging thing I’ve ever experienced. I was so exhausted...it was really hard. That’s when I finally started working with Kelly to get some relief for our “fourth trimester.”

She is so intuitive, and so, so good with giving caring advice. I have only been practicing the strategies we discussed recently but, like magic, I have already felt a shift.

Kelly draws from quite a deep well of knowledge and I feel I can really trust her. I feel emotionally grounded... and I’m really grateful for her support.

– Mala, Mama to 2 + Sex {Re}Educator

Pssst... Want to have a closer look?


Join me for a sneak peak into the Coaching Portal and to see how this all comes together.

Lisa praises Ritual CareI have more purpose and momentum.

Before working with Kelly, I lived a life of perpetually moving goal posts: wanting more, achieving it, and without rest, immediately resetting the markers to the next thing.

Now, I’m on a new journey. My old habits were holding me back, and the work with Kelly gave me valuable insights and critical reminders to release the things that aren’t serving me anymore.

I can’t thank Kelly enough. So many possibilities seem available to me because, as I realized during our work together, ‘I know I will always have everything I will ever need.

I feel much more aligned with my truest goals now.

– Lisa, Mama to 1, Global Law Enforcement Executive + Yoga Teacher

The most amazing, invaluable skill for me and my whole family.

“I feel like I’ve found the keys to the kingdom! Thanks to Kelly, I’m finding more moments for myself that don’t just feel good — they actually make a difference in how I choose to live.

Kelly helped me create the space in my days and mind and heart to appreciate my children.
I’m more organized, appreciative and mindful of them. I can see clearly now that how well I take care of myself is equivalent to how well everyone else around me feels.

I have truly learned the most amazing, invaluable skill that not only changes my life day-to-day, but I know this will make the rest of my whole life -- and my family’s lives -- better, too.”

– Anna, Mama to 2

Fern - Ritual Care praise

Crucial in helping us feel prepared for all of the uncertainties, challenge, and joy that labor and postpartum brings.

During my pregnancies, the amount of information out there was overwhelming. What we needed was a clear, comprehensive, and calm way to prepare for labor. Kelly gave us that, and along with it the confidence to face birth and postpartum head on. 

Her advice and tools were crucial in helping us feel prepared for all of the uncertainties, challenge, and joy that birth and beyond brings. She allowed us to rest in the knowledge that all would be well in the end when we would be holding our sweet baby — and it was.

There’s no doubt in my mind that I want her to be a part of our next birth!

– Fern, Mama to 2 + Speech Language Pathologist

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