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FACTS: Before I had children, I loved to cook. Like, made-tortilla-chips-from-the-tortillas-I’d-just-made-from-scratch loved to cook. I’d spend hours on a Sunday roasting, baking, julienning (if that’s a thing) things. I was even a student at the Institute of Culinary Education. But after I became a mom, cooking lost its luster and became more of a chore.

The pressure to find nutritious, well-rounded, no-teeth-required-and-later-toddler-friendly meals is big — and let’s not even talk about the rush to get dinner on the table on time so we avoid meltdowns and make bedtime.

That said, over the years, I’ve managed to succeed with meal-making. Because, under my definition of success, it means that my children always have a meal, and that most of the time it’s well-rounded: mostly plant-based, contains fats and protein, is followed by a dessert, and still includes frozen pizza.

The biggest trick I’ve ever found to food — although I’m not a culinary or nutritional expert — is to make “go-to” meals that make mom life easier, more predictable, and therefore, more plan-able.

Below, I’m sharing a list with some of the family-friendly Go-To Meals that we rotate on the regular. For more, download my free “Eat More Vegetables” eBook from the Free Library, and listen to “Go-To Meals” audio series in the Alexa Archives.

To your health with hugs,

5-Minute Magic Green Sauce, Pinch of Yum

5-Minute Sunshine Sauce, Pinch of Yum

5-Minute Romesco Sauce, Pinch of Yum

5-Minute Cucumber Raita, Kelly Newsome Georges – Coming Soon

(clearly I’m a fan of 5-minute sauces, but you just try them and then try not to add them to your own blog, mm-kay?)

Roasted Salmon with Herbs, Ina Garten (always a crowd-pleaser)

Thai-Baked Sweet Potatoes with Pan-Fried Chickpeas, Everyday Cooking, Minimalist Baker

Everyday 3-Bean Salad, Kelly Newsome Georges (we eat this constantly) – Coming Soon

2-Step Salads, Kelly Newsome Georges – Coming Soon

Avocado Tartine, Kelly Newsome Georges – Coming Soon

30-Minute Curry, Minimalist Baker

Big-A** Mixed Salad, Kelly Newsome Georges – Coming Soon

Skillet-Baked Pasta with Swiss Chard, Eggplant and Burrata, Purely Elizabeth (although I never add eggplant, often sub spinach, and usually rough it with plain ole’ mozz)

Miso-Glazed Salmon, The Kitchn, Jacques Pépin (always a kid-pleaser — even with all 5 kids in our home! Just make sure you have a big jar of miso in the fridge.)

My French Mother-in-Law’s Basic Winner Winner Soup for Dinner Vegetable Soup, Kelly Newsome Georges (she does not call it this and if she spoke English, I’m sure she’d be appalled) – Coming Soon