Jennifer praises Ritual Care

“Words cannot express how valuable Kelly has been to me during this pregnancy and particularly after my sweet angel was born. Early on, I didn’t tell anyone I was pregnant, so instead of talking to my community, I searched the Internet… and ended up anxious with a lot of questions!

Luckily, Kelly worked with me to have a happy healthy pregnancy by not only being a strong support system for me, but also providing extremely valuable advice. There wasn’t a question I could not ask, nor a time I couldn’t ask it.As we got closer to labor, I was terrified, but when I gave birth to my baby girl, it was magical.

After my birth, Kelly was INSTRUMENTAL in my well being. As I struggled with balancing the emotions of new motherhood, she was there each step of the way.

Kelly reassured me that what I was feeling was normal, but also gave me the tools and guidelines for me to utilize to make sure I stayed well. These past few weeks would have been much more difficult without her guidance and help. My baby and I are bonding and breastfeeding well thanks to my work with Kelly.

I wish I could bottle her up! I’m so thankful for Kelly and I speak for Bella when I say that she is too!The work you do is so important, Kelly. Please keep making the world a better place for babies and those of us who raise them!”

– Jennifer, Mama to 1 + Director of Marketing