Tired of the self-care bullsh**?


The problem with self-care isn't time...

...and the answer is a lot easier than you think.

So… I KNOW I'm not supposed to say it. But the term "self-care" makes my eyes roll all the way back into my head. Not because it isn't important. The truth is, moms need self-care more than ever before. But if you want your care to work, you've gotta' know what it truly is - and not just what the industry is selling you. This is your chance.

Get the Creating Ritual Workshop now for $99

Here's what's inside the Creating Ritual Workshop:


Introduction to gently ease you into the ritual workshop

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3 beautiful sessions - The Self-Care Triad™, Ritual Care®, Your Ritual Care® Practice - designed to help you unlearn old, outdated self-care habits, discover what works for you, and create a lasting and unique care practice you can use for the rest of your life


Closing session to map out your new, modern-day care, and integrate it seamlessly into your busy life


Lifetime access so you can always come back and hit the "reset button" anytime you need to

This is your one, big, beautiful life. UNLEARN OLD HABITS. CREATE NEW RITUALS.

It's time to shine.


This all-audio* workshop will set you up with the solid foundation you need to transform yourself into the intuitive, instinctual mama you always wanted to be. *Includes full closed-captioning and written printable journal.

Unlearn old, outdated self-care clichés. Create new care rituals that work for your modern mom life. Transform yourself into the intuitive, resilient mama you've always wanted to be.

Hold. the. phone - who are you?

Hey, I'm Kelly

Mama to 2 babies, bonus mom to 3 teens, and founder of RITUAL CARE®, an online self-care studio for moms.

But if you'd told me that a dozen years ago, I never would've believed you. Back then, I was a burned-out (and secretly depressed) corporate attorney. After a sudden breakdown one night, I started healing with self-care, making small changes. And that changed everything — even my career.

I've been supporting mothers for over a decade, as a self-care educator, birth doula, and postpartum educator. And now I'm taking what I teach my private clients, and sharing it with as many mamas as possible in my online programs.


"No time" to take care?

Ooooh, this is for YOU!

Get your "me time" back in just 60 minutes, for $99