Have you ever thought that self-care is a “luxury”? Or felt guilty about wanting to take care of yourself? Especially when there are “real” problems in the world?

Today I was supposed to start sharing the exciting details about a new self-care program. But then, I woke up to images of a community-driven rally against gun control violence.

Here’s what went through my mind:

1. Holy love. This humanity is beautiful.
2. Holy crap. This sh** keeps on happening.
3. How do we deal with this chaos in our world (and the news that reports it)?
4. How do I send out messages to sell a self-care program when there are real problems to solve?

Then, I remembered why I still have to share the self-care message.

Your care practice is always an answer, no matter the problem.

New[ish] moms often have a crazy-hard time making the massive adjustment that a baby brings. And their care always helps. I’ve worked with women with birth trauma, demanding schedules, lost jobs, health probs, death of a loved one, spousal abuse and abandonment. And their care always helps. In my own life, I’ve struggled, spiraled, and had bouts of anxiety, depression, heartbreak. And my care always helps.

The marchers? They’re feeling their pain. But they’re also taking care of themselves: using their voices, creating community, repurposing their energy, believing in change before they actually see it.

We don’t usually think about that kind of action as “self-care,” but it is.

It’s the kind that may not always feels good. In fact, it can be even harder than trying to take care of an overtired child. But it is good for you (and that’s just as important than the blissful stuff, which we also need.) This kind of self-care is heart + mind training.

So if you’re feeling guilty about caring for yourself — especially when you see the “real” problems in the world — first, assess your self-care situation to make sure it truly supports your well-being. And if the answer is yes, make the investment in yourself.

The world only gets back in balance when we’re rooted in our centers.