Is there something that you want to do, maybe that you’ve always wanted to do, that you still haven’t done? Do you know what’s stopping you?

Financial backing?

They’re good reasons. But challenge them. Most of the time you already have, or can get, everything you need.

More often, there’s something else underneath.

If you’re like most humans who have a goal, massive or minute, procrastination is fed by a more intangible roadblock: lack of confidence.

Chances are your dreams require a good deal of confidence to grow, bloom, thrive. And insecurity drains its energy supply.

Good news: Confidence is a renewable resource. And self-care is the source.

When you do things that give you juice, when your activities are empowering instead of exhausting, your confidence grows exponentially… and it’s not only renewable, it’s transferable.

I call these acts “confidence creators.”

Confidence creators are unique to every individual. To find yours, think of activities that create a wellspring of strong, centered, and positive energy for you to draw from, whenever you need it.

Check out these examples:

* Running that half-marathon gives you the goods to dominate the new product you’ve committed to creating next week.

* Accurately recording how many to-do items you complete every day provides the huge sense of accomplishment that’ll lead to tomorrow morning’s maniacal productivity.

* Committing to a yoga and stillness practice that continuously brings you back to your center is the basis for the titanic breakthrough you’ll have on Wednesday.

Everyone has insecurities. Even those Instaperfect moms. (Promise.)

We can fight them. (Exhausting.)

Or we can create strategic partnerships with those soft parts of ourselves, and let them help us create better habits. (Amazing.)

Regardless of what you’re working on — a project, a relationship, a fantastical dream — keep your confidence creators on your to-do list.

They not only make the process much more balanced, but oh-so-sweet success much more likely.