Not a mom [yet]? Not a problem.

Welcome to Ritual Care! I’m Kelly, and I believe that every mother human can feel more supported, confident, and resilient, with the right self-care rituals.

Okay, okay, let’s cut to the punchline: this website is designed for moms. In particular, it’s for mothers with babies and small children. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a mom to learn how to build more resilience for your life.

In our FAQ, we say that we’re ideal for:

  • pregnant mamas (any trimester),
  • postpartum mamas (first year or more of baby’s life), and
  • “pre-K” mamas (toddlers or older, but still young, children who are in that pre-Kindergarten age range).

But, many of our self-care strategies can also benefit you if you’re a: 

  • pre-mama who wants to get pregnant,
  • papa, partner, doula, or other new mother supporter who wants to be more informed, effective and helpful, or
  • a woman committed to taking better care of yourself and the world around you.

‘Still interested? Here are 3 ways to start…

(1) Sign up for my free, 30-minute online care class, (2) dive into our online self-care studio for programs and private coaching with me, or (3) read and listen to the latest Trends & Topics, shown here on the sitemap:

So, no — you do not have to be a mom to feel better here. That said, if you don’t love mamas and babies, though, you are not gonna’ love this site. Because we talk babies all. the. time.

Wherever you choose to spend your precious me-time moments, enjoy your self-care session today. You’re not alone, you can do this, and your care is the key.

Big love,


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