You did it, mama. You had a baby.

Welcome to Ritual Care, mama. I’m Kelly, and I believe every mother can feel more supported, confident, and resilient with the right self-care rituals. Especially during the tender, crazy year (or more) that is postpartum.

Since you’re here, you’re probably in what’s commonly known as the postpartum period. Contrary to popular belief, “postpartum” doesn’t mean “postpartum depression” (although that’s okay, too, and we’re here for you). It’s simply the time period after you’ve had a baby. Most Western medicine says that’s around 6 weeks or so, but postpartum can actually extend for a year or more after birth.

I’ve been supporting mothers through postpartum for over a decade. I’ve also gone through it myself (including bouts with postpartum depression and anxiety), and one thing’s for sure: every mother and child is unique, but taking care of yourself is the key to having the best pregnancy, birth and postpartum year(s) possible.

So, what exactly is self-care? This is what you’ll learn and practice here. But for now, know this: it’s not just baths, exercise, and quick feel-good fixes (that seem to fade in 5 minutes). There are different layers of self-caring that help the benefits kick in quicker, last longer, and give you the resilience that you need throughout motherhood. I created this website to help you get started on your self-care journey.

Here are 3 ways to begin…

(1) Sign up for free rituals each week, in our weekend newsletter (below) (2) dive into the Sanctuary, our online self-care studio for programs and private coaching with me, or (3) read and listen to the latest Trends & Topics.

Wherever you choose to spend your precious me-time moments, enjoy your self-care session on the site today. You’re not alone, you can do this, and your care is the key.

Big love,


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