You might be ready for CORECARE if you're...

overwhelmed with your long to-do list, always wondering how you'll get it all done. Even when you're trying to sleep. Because, Busy Mama Mind syndrome.

desperate for some time that's just. for. you, in between the feedings, and meetings, and emails, and cleaning. OMG, the cleaning. 

interested in connecting with other moms who "get it", because they know just how messy mom life can be. Especially with solid foods.

ready for a lasting, long-term approach to self-caring, because the old "once-in-a-blue-moon-massage" trick just doesn't stick.

too tired to figure out how to do it all on your own, and would love someone to just tell you, step by step. Including what the &*$# to have for dinner. Kidding. (Sort of. There actually are recipes.) 


Click below for an invitation to join the course + club. We'll send everything you need right to your inbox. BONUS: You'll also get a free Current State of Care self-assessment sheet from the CORECARE resource library. Yay!

KELLY NEWSOME GEORGES is a former-lawyer-turned-postpartum care teacher. She advises new moms on birth, postpartum, newborns, and self-care throughout the early years of motherhood. She is the founder of Ritual Care, an online self-care sanctuary that helps mothers feel less stress and more support. Her favorite mama-related role, though, is her own: she is a mother to a toddler and an infant, and stepmom to 3 brilliant bonus kids. She lives as an American in Paris and in Provence, France. 

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