feel like the calm mom and whole woman you dream of being.

Learn the care rituals proven to strengthen your emotional and mental core - and make your big, beautiful, messy {mom} life better than ever.


Let's be honest... have you ever lost it with your kids?

Felt irritated? Angry? Yelled? And hated yourself afterwards, because you know they’re tiny?

We've all been there, mama.

There are days (months?) when we operate in triage mode... taking care of a million things at once. Except yourself.

You know your life is good. But somehow, you woke up one day feeling stuck in time - and overwhelmed with too many to-dos.

You're not sure how to move forward.

You look in the mirror, and you're not the woman you remember. “Is this what I asked for?” you wonder. “How did I get here? And how do I get back home to myself?”

If you can relate, then you aren’t alone.

Every mom knows how busy and chaotic motherhood can feel.

Wouldn't you love to

take a break and reset?

I would’ve given anything for a do-over. It was a random Thursday afternoon. I was a new mom in a foreign country, super-stressed and surviving on a caffeine drip. My daughter was throwing the mother-of-all-tantrums. And I lost it.

I snapped. I screamed. And as soon as it happened, I felt horrible. A heavy bowling ball of pain and regret, deep in the pit of my stomach.

I took her in my arms and held her while she cried. I knew that all I could do was apologize and tell her I’d do better.

But, without any help, how? What if I just did it again?




Because every day, you’re draining your most precious resources, Mama...

  • Losing hours of your life on social media?
  • Feeling guilty for not getting enough done?
  • Procrastinating on all. the. things?
  • Feeling overwhelmed because you just can’t say “no?”
  • Constantly tired until the surge of morning caffeine kicks in?
  • Avoiding anything remotely related to sex with your partner (because, um, fatigue)?
  • Losing sleep, lacking strength, gaining weight, getting sick?
  • Feeling disconnected from your body?
  • Having too much takeout (and not enough water)?
  • Booking expensive spa treatments to ‘fix’ everythang?
  • Mindlessly buying groceries that you just end up throwing out?
  • Addicted to the ease of overnight shopping delivery (screw the extra shipping fees!)?

It's never too late...

...to make your one, big, beautiful, messy {mom} life the absolute best it can be

  • Heal yourself from burnout - or prevent it altogether
  • Worry less and curb anxiety-driven behaviors like overeating and mindless shopping for stuff you know you don't need (and neither do your kids, girl)
  • Ease stress associated with infertility, adrenal fatigue, even heart disease (the #1 cause of death for women in the U.S.)
  • Learn to let irritations roll off of your back
  • Ditch the draining compare-and-despair to other mothers
  • Listen to your body, and rewire your brain for positivity
  • Reconnect with who you truly are - and what you want - again
  • Stop rushing through the precious moments of motherhood... that you'll truly miss someday
  • Have shinier, thicker, more lustrous hair (okay, I kid.)
  • Finally feel confident taking care of yourself

just imagine:

taking care of yourself every single day - just because you deserve it

How much time, energy, health and money would you save if your mind wasn't always spinning?

How could that one change shift how you feel? How you look and speak and live?

How much better could you connect with your child and partner?

The results are priceless.

This is your game plan to get there.
Introducing the

CORECARE®  Self-Care School

Care rituals that work in real life, for life.

In a word, Kelly is amazing.

I wish I had known about these absolutely invaluable insights and practical, life-changing tips when I had my first baby. It would have added so much more thoughtfulness, calm, awareness and yes, bliss, to that first challenging year of motherhood. That said, it’s never too late and as a working mother of a preschooler and first grader now, these self-care lessons are just as spot on today. Thank you, Kelly!

– Alicia, Mama to 2 + Attorney

So many ‘small’ things make a huge difference.

I love that CORECARE is set up like a workshop.The immersion prompted much-needed introspection - and it’s changed both my life and my approach to motherhood!

Thanks to the program, I’ve been inspired to do so many ‘small’ things that make a huge difference in how I feel. I’ve learned how to incorporate lots of self-care together with my son — something I would have never considered before.

– Kandice H., Mama to 1 + Attorney

The CORECARE® Curriculum

CoreCare Program Icons_Module 1-min


Wanna' have more control on the roller coaster of mom life? You've got to start at the core of your whole life: self-love, self-harm, self-care. In Module 1, you'll understand these principles like never before - and see how they're crucial to changing the lens through which you see the whole world. You'll create a solid foundation that helps you handle anything that comes your way - every day.

CoreCare Program Icons_Module 2-min


Who is in your choir - the people who always have your back, and who "sing for you" when you need them? Creating a trusted circle is essential for every happy women, and a must-have in motherhood. In Module 2, you'll learn a step-by-step method on how to find yours. You'll also join the CORECARE forum and have access to the private member directory, so you can connect with other mothers who are balancing it all. By the end, you'll be surrounded by your own circle of supporters.

CoreCare Program Icons_Module 3-min


In Module 3, you'll master the 3-part "Self-Care Snack" method that's super-simple, but wildly effective. You'll end your "I don't have time" excuse that's keeping you from doing what makes you happiest. Plus, I'll help you find unique, personalized ways to feel less stressed - and the supermom secret on how to "share your care" with your tiny humans!

CoreCare Program Icons_Module 4-min


Anyone can take care of themselves for a day, but making it a habit that lasts over time? Even with schedule changes, sick kids, and a global pandemic? That is a whole 'nother story. In Module 4, your care will become a solid part of your day, even when a lotta' life is happening. I'll share my proprietary framework that I've used for years with private clients, called the CORECARE Method. You'll learn all 5 Core Principles. And you'll leave with more clarity, resilience, and a stronger emotional core.

CoreCare Program Icons_Module 5-min


Now that you've got the theory, it's time for the action! In Module 5, we'll build on the Core Principles you learned in Module 4 - and we'll work on daily Core Practices. The Practices are what makes your self-care so easy and doable. From intuitively honoring your body, to using positive psychology mind training tools, you'll create healthy, gorgeous care rituals in no time.

Module 6


Have you spent years being way too hard on yourself? Or exhausted yourself trying to be perfect... just so you can finally "be happy"? SPOILER ALERT, Sunshine - trying to be perfect destroys your joy. And that. stops. here. In Module 6, you'll see that happiness doesn’t come from perfection - it comes from perspective. You'll experience your grace, and make peace with your mess. In this final chapter of our curriculum, I’ll help you make friends with your chaos instead of fight it. The result? You'll feel as beautiful as you actually are - and start seeing your life that way, too.

CoreCare Program Icons_Bonus Module-min


Ooh, the extras!! Enjoy the end-of-program bonuses, including exclusive tools, expert chats, and tutorials for makeup, nutrition, skin care, yoga, relaxation techniques, adrenal fatigue, energy management, entrepreneur-life balance, community as a care strategy, self-care in new motherhood, and more.


Three months ago I dreaded weekends when I have no help with my two babies (5 and 3) and they more often than not included meltdowns (by babies and mama alike), exhaustion, burnout, resentment toward the husband.

Now, my heart swells on Fridays looking forward to 2 full days of having the kids to myself. It took some logistical tweaks (ie. limiting cooking to weekdays when I have childcare) and a lot of deep, soul-searching self-care, and some easy tactical self-care, but I am so, so happy and grateful to be in a place where I truly savor motherhood. Kelly has EVERYTHING to do with that. Miracle worker, for reals!! Ladies who are considering chatting with Kelly about your struggles, DO IT. I did not think it was possible to feel this grounded, present, and enjoy motherhood with all its chaos as much as I do now. Life-changing. 

– Anna, Mama to 2

Built for flexibility...

with a ton of customizable options because every mom's journey is unique to her. So no matter how much time you have (or don't), you'll never feel behind and you'll always feel supported.


Watch or listen on your iphone, laptop, or tablet


Download the CORECARE® Journal self-care playbook, with optional practices to try on after each lesson

Kelly NG Drawings-Icons_Hearts

Log in to your private member account from any device, anywhere, anytime


Stream from anywhere via Internet access


Do the program in order... or pick + choose what you want


Do lessons while free and focused... or while folding laundry (washing the dishes, making the lunches, picking up the toys... again)


Practice at home, on-the-go, on your own or with baby in tow

Kelly NG Drawings-Icons_Stars

Go at your own pace, depending on whether you’re a “bites” or a “binge” mama


Beautiful design, Gorgeous results...

with an online membership site to help you feel your best, including:

  • An online video-guided program with quick, self-paced lessons (average 4.5 minutes each) that help not only help you feel amazing ASAP, but will also last a lifetime
  • Audio versions of each lesson
  • The CORECARE® Journal, a printable playbook of self-care practices, including worksheets, templates, lesson summaries, journal prompts, and other resources
  • A bonus module of video tutorials, including makeup, mommy-and-me yoga, skin care, and healthful eating
  • A bonus library of resources, including downloadables, printables, guides and eBooks, templates, interviews, and audio learning lab
  • A virtual private notebook online, for your personal notes and “top takeaways” from each module, all privately saved within the program
  • A private membership directory of like-minded mamas who are committed to taking better care of themselves, like you (with an option to search for an accountability partner)
  • An organized, easy-to-use interface for all the things, including a clean, pretty dashboard, program visual roadmap, fixed navigation menu, progress bars, virtual checklists, and online quizzes to remind you how freaking brilliant you are
  • Your own private online Sanctuary account, with all of your Ritual Care materials in one, easy-to-access-anytime place
  • A risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the program
  • All designed for major flexibility…which makes every self-care break easier to take

This program was the ultimate, bite-sized self-care guide.

It’s crafted with care, but without preaching or guilt trips — just encouragement and manageable, effective guidance for the self-care we all deserve.

Now I am a more conscientious, supportive friend (and super auntie), and self- care is no longer at the bottom of my priority list!

– Sonja, Auntie to countless kiddos + Marketing Manager


It helped me do what I knew I needed — and it was priceless!

I put more CORECARE lessons into action on a busy work trip. I was pregnant, sick, and exhausted - the old me would have drained myself even further to keep up with the endless networking events, but the new me listened to my needs and my body and gave myself a much-needed break. I am excited to keep moving through it!

– Michelle, Mama to 1.5 + Decision Engineering Executive Coach

Designed for different schedules...

to fit more "me care" into your life.


The Bites Schedule

Do a little at a time, often. Ideal for the mama with a newborn, career or a million other responsibilities. Watch a lesson or two at a time, then take a break until your next session.


The Binge Schedule

The healthier alternative to too much Netflix! Do a lot at once, every now and then. Perfect for that weekend morning treat of total "momme" time - or in the evening after you've got the kids in bed and want a restorative, healthy break.

“That’s great, but...

...is it right for me?

Although I don’t have children, the program worked like a charm!

With CORECARE, Kelly magically becomes your own private guide, helping you to navigate the stressful daily grind, leading you to clarity and ease.

Her “Bliss List” is pure genius and one of my favorite exercises. Kelly knows what it’s like to be insanely busy, and she imparts her lessons in quick, easy-to-understand steps. She expertly guides you toward strategies for success and ease.

– Kim, Real Estate Agent


Working with Kelly has changed my life.

I love the CORECARE program. You can do it anytime, anywhere. It’s helped prepare me to deal with the uncertainty of motherhood (and life) and taught me the importance of taking time out for myself.

I’d recommend Kelly’s work to everyone, but especially expecting and new mothers who need to learn to relax, be more flexible and love yourself.”

– Kelly L., Mama to 2 + Attorney


feel like the calm mom and whole woman you dream of being?

Course Mockup-min

There's never been a more important time to take care of yourself.

Stressed about everything happening in the world around us?

Constantly connected to social media - but feeling more alone - than ever before?

Trying to find your center - and your balance - in the ups and downs of motherhood?

I hear you. I've been you. And I made CORECARE® for you. Don't wait, now is the time. Get it below.

One Payment

most popular
  • 6 Video + Audio Modules
  • Bonus Tutorial Module
  • Bonus Resource Library
  • CORECARE® Journal Playbook
  • Private Member Directory
  • Personal Sanctuary Account
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Monthly Payments

$97 per month
for six months
  • 6 Video + Audio Modules
  • Bonus Tutorial Module
  • Bonus Resource Library
  • CORECARE® Journal Playbook
  • Private Member Directory
  • Personal Sanctuary Account
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee

It shifted something within.

Simply put, CORECARE changed my outlook going forward. This program made me love myself more! I realized that self-care can be the tiniest of moments, and it can even be something I share with my little guy. Every aspect got me thinking, reflecting, and wondering.

With Baby Number 2 on the way, I’m so happy that CORECARE is available for me to access anytime, and so flexible that I can pick it up easily.

– Liz, Journalist + Mama to 1.5


Self-care doesn’t have to be about the big things.

With a whirlwind toddler and small food business, time is precious. CORECARE helped me identify the little nuggets of time I didn’t even know I had, and harvest them into guiltless self-care bliss.

The fact that some many of these moments are spent together with my little girl is just a huge added bonus.

– Kristen, Mama to 1 + Founder, Momme Meals™

Oh yeah, one more thing...

Who I am (and why I made this for you)

I’m Kelly Newsome Georges, a mama of 2, bonus mom to 3, wife, expat, creator of all Ritual Care® programs, including CORECARE®.

And since you’ve made it down to this part of the page, chances are I made CORECARE® for you. But, initially, I made it for me — when I was smack in survival mode. I was a new mom alone in a new country, with 2 babies, a blended family, and a big learning curve. It was emotional quicksand. I was functional, but stressed-the-F out. One morning, sipping the lifeforce that is coffee, I looked around. Looked at my children. Saw through the postpartum depression, anxiety, anger.

Then it hit me: I was missing it. I was missing the moments — in motherhood, marriage, and more — that make life matter most. In this one big, beautiful, messy life we each have.


I went looking for help, but I didn’t find what I needed. So, I built it.

I leaned into my professional training — in self-care education, coaching, Positive Psychology, brain science, doula support, maternal well-being, yoga — plus my personal experience as a mama and bonus mom. I pulled together the teachings I’ve shared with other mothers for over a decade. And I weaved the threads together to open this 24/7 online program to many more.

I hope you love it and, most importantly, I hope it helps you love yourself.

big love,

This is what keeps me centered.

I used to get so anxious about my to-do lists. And, like many moms, I have trouble making myself a priority sometimes. But now it’s easier to focus on the good I’m doing every day — and I stress less about what I don’t get done.

I love the online experience overall (super gorgeous), and the private forum (very convenient). Before, my self-care felt like something I was supposed to do. Now, it’s something I get to do!

– Amy, Mama to 4, Owner of Exercising Balance™ Yoga Videos

See you in

the self-care studio!