Kelly holding Baby Sage

There’s nothing more exhilarating — or exhausting —
than being a mother.

Exhilarating because, I mean, babies.

They’re beautiful, amazing, squishy little miracles. Right there in your arms. Looking up at you with those clear-as-sky eyes. Holding your finger tight. Giggling and cooing and saying “mama” for the first time. Falling asleep on your shoulder. Growing up faster than you’d like to think about. Keeping you up late at night staring at that baby monitor, or swiping through photos on your phone that are so cute, you just wanna’ wake them up and kiss their sweet little cheeks off. (Pro tip: Don’t. Keep reading.)

Exhausting because there are zero days off.

There’s the worrying. The hurrying. The sleepless nights weeks months. The phantom crying that wakes you up when you do sleep. There’s the endless research about temperatures and solid foods and vaccinations and poo color and, oh yes, sleep regressions. The reading of the. same. book. 3,294 times. The nursing, the holding, the rocking, the bouncing (and nursing and holding and rocking and bouncing again). Yep, little people require a lot.

And everyone depends on you for what they need.

Your babies are priority. But there’s more: your partner, friends, other family, colleagues. There’s a house to manage, bills to pay, groceries to buy, dinner to cook, lunches to pack, appointments to schedule, dishes to do, dirty laundry to wash, clean laundry to fold (and, ahem, put away). And if you have help, there’s the job of being someone else’s boss. Everybody needs mom.

But what do you need?

How about more sleep? More exercise? More energy? An hour to do the yoga, not just wear the pants? Good curl-up-on-the-couch reading, wrapped up in a cozy sweater and sipping from your steamy, favorite mug? Moments in sacred solitude doing sweet (gasp!) nothing? A proper catch-up with your girlfriend? A baby-free Sunday morning to make the nourishing meals? The focus to finally finish your to-do list? A chance to wash (and dry!) your hair? Uninterrupted time for work that matters, whether it’s a formal career or it’s in your home?

What if you could get it all by making just one change… that changes everything?

Ritual Care teaches you a new way of taking care of yourself — and your new self-care transforms how you experience the entire world. It’s that simple.

Our programs help you train your mind, honor your body, and hear your own voice in this noisy world. They fit into our crazy schedules, constant interruptions, and endless lists. And by being here and reading this right now, you’ve already begun. In fact, 90% of the work is done by just showing up.

There’s everyday beauty in the chaos of being a mom. And we’re more likely to see it when we feel our best.


Ease your move into motherhood with The Sanctuary,
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The Sanctuary offers digital products, programs, and a free tools library, all online. Learn about birth, postpartum, and self-care for new motherhood, in one central place. The Sanctuary is ideal if you want to learn from anywhere, on your own schedule.

And if you need a retreat to reset, check out REFUGE™.

REFUGE™ by Ritual Care is a soulful, solo getaway for moms of young children. Set in the stunning countryside of Provence, France, our time together includes guided strategy sessions, pool breaks, private cooking classes, fresh food and wine, fireside chats, and more.

Start today for free with this one simple step.

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  • ♥ a sneak peak into founder Kelly Newsome Georges’ own self-care practice… with 1 infant, 1 toddler, 3 bonus kids, a bicoastal marriage, and 3 homes in 2 countries. (It’s not perfect, but it’s possible!)

Motherhood is work. But it doesn’t have to be so hard.

Let it be conscious. Let it be fun. Let it be easier, starting now.

Get your free Self-Care Starter Kit below, and put your beautiful self back on your priority list.


Meet Kelly Newsome Georges, Founder

Kelly and Sage walking down the street

Want the formal biography (education, training, and all the extras)?
click here for Kelly’s official bio


I’m a postpartum care educator for new parents. In particular, I help mothers adjust to life with a new baby, and create healthy self-care rituals to take care of themselves throughout early years of motherhood (because only then can they best take care of their families). I also help dads support the new mother and baby. Before this, I was a birth and postpartum doula, a private prenatal yoga teacher, and coach focusing on Positive Psychology.

(I’m also a “single married mama” living in between Paris and Provence with my spectacular toddler and precious infant, wife to a Frenchman who lives in England, and stepmom to three brilliant bonus kids. C’est compliqué, eh?)


Ritual Care is a self-care company for early motherhood. I created it because new moms always hear “take care of yourself!” But how? How do you keep taking care of yourself once you’re taking care of a tiny human? Every product I create — usually from my couch, with my two hands glued to my laptop (and sometimes, chocolate) — it’s all designed to help you answer that question. Motherhood is work, but it doesn’t have to feel so hard. And the right self-care rituals make everything easier.


Yes! My mom gave birth to my brother at home, by accident. He started coming out as she was walking through the front door. My dad delivered him in the back of our red Volvo station wagon! I didn’t see everything, but I sure heard it — and that sealed the deal for me. I started reading everything I could get my hands on about birth. I loved it, but never thought of it as work… so I became a mergers & acquisitions attorney instead. It took a while to find my way back to my calling, but I did.


First, by building relationships. I love connecting with other mamas, whether by social media or my inbox. Second, by focusing on practical, personal tools that help us feel good, without the guilt. As a mama, you share everything with your little one — your body, your energy, that last bite of pasta off of your fork. But as a Ritual Care mama, you get to have something that is just yours. Your rituals flow into your “well-being bank account,” making deposits that add up over time. And that helps you withdraw whenever you need to, for life.


The best way to begin is to order a Ritual Care Starter Kit, by clicking on the “START HERE NOW” button (below). You’ll get our Self-Care Starter Kit with self-care tips, a welcome video, the “How Ritual Care Works” FAQ sheet, and two bonus tools so you can start now.


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