You already know your care is important, but it can feel impossible with babies. This is the total plan to help you slow mom life down, soothe your nervous system, look your best, and feel like you can handle anything.

And if you’re a new mom, bonus! CORECARE members also get free, exclusive access to New Partner Partner, a doula-designed, 3-module program to help moms take care from birth prep through the fourth trimester postpartum. Just a little something to make new motherhood a lot easier.


“More than ever, I’m finding moments for myself that don’t just feel good — they’re changing how I choose to live, every day.” Anna, Mama to 2



Vision. Alignment. Insights. Breakthroughs. Transformation. There is nothing like private coaching to empower you through anything — from prepping for birth to evolving through everyday {mom} life. We’ll transcend old patterns, and start making your dreams come true. ‘Sounds a little like magic, right? ‘Feels that way, too!


“When I started working with Kelly, I really felt like I was in crisis….After just three months, I feel like I am awake. I am able to slow down and really thoughtfully choose how I react, how I spend my time, how I make decisions. I am so grateful for what I have learned from her and the way this work continues to change my life. ” Annie, Mama to 2

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... downloading your Care Kit! Discover essential rituals to feel less stressed, more connected, and ready for anything life - or your little one - throws at you.

"This email is gold. The part about it feeling easier to just buckle down and do the thing than have to have an icky conversation totally resonates. I'm going to start trying this AAA strategy today." - Michelle Florendo

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