What if being a mom is actually your chance to be better to yourself

than ever before?

Self-care can feel impossible with kids…

…especially during the chaos of early motherhood.

One minute, you’ve got this! The next, you’re anxious.

One day, you’re so busy you forget to eat. Another, you feel bored out of your mind. It’s a roller coaster!

You love your little people. But sometimes you feel like you can’t do another day, no matter how strong the coffee is.

The tough moments are where your care rituals come in.

When you take care of yourself, you gain confidence.

You build resilience, and breathe through the chaos.

You go from “I need to get my s**t together,” up to “I can do this.”

Because whether you have one baby, or you’ve just birthed your fourth, you can.

And we exist to help you.



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I feel like I’ve found the keys to the kingdom. I understood self-care intellectually before, but now I really get it! More than ever, I’m finding more moments for myself…


Mama to 2

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I get so anxious about my to-do lists, but this keeps me centered! Now, my self-care feels a lot less like something I have to do, and more like something that I get to do.


Mama to 4 + Owner of Exercising Balance™

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After my birth, Kelly was INSTRUMENTAL in my well being. As I struggled with balancing the emotions of new motherhood, she was there each step of the way.

Jennifer praises Ritual Care


Mama to 2 + Marketing Director


Meet Kelly

Bonjour, Sunshine ! I’m Kelly — a mama, self-care educator and coach, obsessed with empowering mothers.

Using intuitive healing and brain science, I teach moms like you how to use self-care to reveal who you really are (and live how you really want to). We’ll drop the pressure to be perfect, the mom guilt, and the mask. You’ll learn how to calm your nervous system, be the best parent possible, and find magic in your busy {mom} life. And if you’re a new mama, you’ll practice taking care of yourself and your baby, in those hazy postpartum years.

It might sound crazy, but close your eyes for a sec, and imagine: what if your stress was your superpower? If you could turn the worry, anxiety, and chaos in your life into your greatest strength? THAT’S what we do. There will always be hard days, Mama. But there will also always be light. And it’s your time to shine.



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