About Ritual Care

Exhilarating because, I mean, tiny humans.

They’re beautiful, amazing, little miracles. Right there in front of you. Looking up at you with those clear-as-sky eyes. Your little baby holding your finger. Your older “baby” saying the craziest, cutest things. Making each other laugh. Falling asleep in your arms. Growing up faster than you’d like to think about. Keeping you up late at night on your phone as you swipe through photos so adorable, you just wanna’ wake them up and kiss their sweet little cheeks off. (Pro tip: Don’t. Keep reading.)

Exhausting because there are zero days off.

There’s the worrying. The hurrying. The trying to comfort one while the other cries. The sleepless nights weeks months. The guilt. The sleep regressions and tantrums and, oh yes, the “NO!” There’s the never-ending kitchen floor cleaning and endless toy pickup. The reading of the. same. book. Again. The holding, the rocking, the cuddling (of both of them, of course, simultaneously). Yep, little people require a lot, especially during transitions like welcoming a new member of the family. Transitions that no one prepared you for.

Still, everyone depends on you for what they need.

Your kids are priority. But there’s more: your partner, friends, family, colleagues. You might have a business to run, a house to manage, bills to pay, groceries to buy, dinner to cook, lunches to pack, appointments to schedule, dishes to do, dirty laundry to wash, clean laundry to fold… or all of the above. And even if you have help, there’s the job of being someone else’s boss. Everybody needs mom.

But what do you need?

How about more sleep? More time to work in your zone of genius, uninterrupted? More exercise? More energy? An hour to do the yoga, not just wear the pants? Good curl-up-on-the-couch reading, wrapped up in a cozy sweater and sipping from your steamy, favorite mug? Moments in sacred solitude doing sweet (gasp!) nothing? A proper catch-up with your girlfriend? A baby-free Sunday morning to make the nourishing meals? The focus to finally finish your to-do list? A chance to wash (and dry!) your hair? Uninterrupted time for work that matters, whether it’s a formal career or it’s in your home?

What if you begin today by making just one change… that changes everything?

Here, you’ll redefine what it meants to take self-care. You’ll drop the cliché quick fixes. You’ll learn how to find relief, and build resilience. And your new skill set will start to transform how you experience the entire world.

We help you honor your body, train your mind, and hear your own voice in this noisy world. Every program and product is 100% mom-approved, and influenced by a blend of intuitive healing modalities and brain science. Because with the right self-care, you can regulate your own energy (and nervous system). And by being here and reading this right now, you’ve already begun.

‘Ready to discover how the right self-care can transform your life? You can start now!

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Self-care educator. Mama advocate. Neuro nerd. Former lawyer. “Married single” mom to 2, bonus mom to 3, wife and expat, raising kids in a bi-continental, bicultural, blended family.


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