Hey, I’m Kelly. And I am delighted that you’re here.

Here at Ritual Care, our take on taking care of yourself is a little different than you might be used to. And I think that’s a good thing.

I founded Ritual Care 10 years ago, inspired by my own self-care journey. My care helped me recover from burnout, retire from my career as a corporate lawyer in New York City, and start loving the hell out of my life. It also led me to the work I’m here to do in this world: help you love your life, too.

In my world…

1. SELF-CARE ISN’T A TREAT | Here’s what no one tells you about self-care: it’s not a “treat” you have to earn. Real self-care is a daily practice based on much bigger principles, like self-awareness, honesty, boundaries, courage and a commitment to growth—life-long benefits that feel way better. Real self-care is the relationship you have with yourself. Your rituals are what help it flourish.

2. THERE IS ALWAYS TIME | We all say we need more hours in the day—when what we need is more self-worth. There is always time to take care of the most important things. You, love, are a most important thing.

3. BEING GOOD TO YOURSELF IS AS IMPORTANT AS BEING A GOOD MOTHER (OR OTHER) | When you are good to yourself, it’s good for everyone else. Your care is a positive correlation to how connected you are to others—your children, your partner, your colleagues, your clients, your barista.

4. CHAOS IS THE PERFECT PLACE TO PRACTICE | Most people have a knee-jerk reaction to “get rid of” stress—but you can’t practice being calm if everything is always easy. In fact, chaos is the secret to learning how to be calmer no matter what. Stress can be your superpower.


Off-Topic Topics

✵ I’m a “married single” mama to 3, bonus mom to 3, wife and expat, raising my babies in a bi-continental, bicultural blended family.

✵ My children are my happy place. I saw each of them in visions before they were conceived. I love my family and friends, but my babies are truly my three favorite people on the planet.

✵ I’ve always lived in and loved the city. But after 3 exhausting years of living between Washington DC and Paris, I made a spontaneous-but-intuitive choice to move to the countryside. Now, I live in my dream home in a tiny French village…and I couldn’t be happier.

✵ I’ve been obsessed with birth and postpartum since I was 9 years old… but then became an business lawyer. After 6 years of corporate law, I spent a year traveling around the world – teaching kids yoga, studying birth work, and becoming a mahout riding elephants in Thailand. After returning home, I sat at my parents’ kitchen table, and started my first business on a sticky note: a private yoga practice with pre- and postpartum niche. It lasted for 8 years.

✵ I’ve been a neuro nerd since college, when I completed my undergraduate thesis under the brilliant Stephen Porges, who created the Polyvagal Theory. I’m also super woo-woo, and love energy, chakras, and moon cycles. Today, I teach with a multidisciplinary approach that blends intuitive healing, bodywork, and brain science basics.

✵ My favorite food is chocolate cake. But my default meal is always a big-a** salad.

✵ I am freakishly good at functioning while exhausted, holding the light during dark times, and choosing the perfectly-sized container for any amount of leftovers.

✵ I am the worst at going to bed on time, anything related to eyeshadow, and losing my phone approximately 15 times a day.

✵ I rarely watch TV, but my go-to “in the background” series is Scandal, on repeat. And I’ve seen every season of Homeland. Twice. In two languages.

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Kelly Newsome Georges is an expat mama, bonus mom, self-care educator, and mom coach – obsessed with empowering other mothers. She believes that busy, chaotic motherhood is the “perfect place to practice” self-care, and she teaches moms care rituals that help them feel ready for anything that life (or their toddler) throws at them. For Kelly’s formal biography, speaking topics, photos and more, download her publicity page below.