Anna O. Self-Care Testimonial

“3 months ago I dreaded weekends when I have no help with my two babies (5 and 3) and they more often than not included meltdowns (by babies and mama alike), exhaustion, burnout, resentment toward the husband. Now, my heart swells on Fridays looking forward to 2 full days of having the kids to myself. It took some logistical tweaks (ie. limiting cooking to weekdays when I have childcare) and a lot of deep, soul-searching self-care, and some easy tactical self-care, but I am so, so happy and grateful to be in a place where I truly savor motherhood. Kelly has EVERYTHING to do with that. Miracle worker, for reals!! Ladies who are considering chatting with Kelly about your struggles, DO IT. I did not think it was possible to feel this grounded, present, and enjoy motherhood with all its chaos as much as I do now. Life-changing.”

– Anna, Mama to 2

Anne praises Ritual Care

“I’ve worked with Kelly since my first child was born over a decade ago. I struggle to come up with the right words to truly thank Kelly for all that she’s done for me – there are too many words for it. She’s been my pregnancy coach, yoga teacher, birth and postpartum doula and self-care coach through all of the stages of motherhood – which can be FAR more challenging than I ever could have imagined. Trying to find pockets of peace in our loud house, and stay on top of endless to-do lists is so stressful. My mind is often in a constant state of “what other, ‘more important’ item I should be tackling next?!“

Thankfully, my sessions with Kelly help me take better care of myself during the daily chaos. That’s what keeps me grounded and gives me practical ways to take better care while raising my three kids. I can now prioritize my time and be a better mother by not forgetting about myself. My mantra has become ‘do more of what makes you happy,’ and that finally feels doable.”

– Anne Ashley, Mama to 3, Business Consultant + Event Coordinator

“When I started working with Kelly, I really felt like I was in crisis. I was drawn to work with her for reasons I wasn’t totally clear on, but I am so glad I followed that gut feeling. When we started working together, sleep deprivation and general stress of (pandemic) life was stealing my joy and my ability to be present to my beautiful life. After just three months, I feel like I am awake. I am able to slow down and really thoughtfully choose how I react, how I spend my time, how I make decisions. I am so grateful for what I have learned from her and the way this work continues to change my life.”

– Annie, Mama to 2



Jennifer praises Ritual Care

“Words cannot express how valuable Kelly has been to me during this pregnancy and particularly after my sweet angel was born. She helped me have a happy healthy pregnancy by not only being a strong support system for me, but also providing extremely valuable advice. There wasn’t a question I could not ask, nor a time I couldn’t ask it.

After my birth, Kelly was INSTRUMENTAL in my well being. As I struggled with balancing the emotions of new motherhood, she was there each step of the way.
Kelly not only gave me reassurance that every new mom needs, but also the tools and guidelines for me to utilize to make sure I stayed well. These past few weeks would have been much more difficult without her guidance and help. My baby and I are bonding and breastfeeding well thanks to my work with Kelly.
I wish I could bottle her up! (The work you do is so important, Kelly. Please keep making the world a better place for babies and those of us who raise them!)”

– Jennifer, Mama to 1 + Director of Marketing

Alicia Self-Care Testimonial

“In a word, amazing. I wish I had known about these absolutely invaluable insights and practical, life-changing tips when I had my first baby. It would have added so much more thoughtfulness, calm, awareness and yes, bliss, to that first challenging year of motherhood. That said, it’s never too late and as a working mother of a preschooler and first grader now, these self-care lessons are just as spot on today. Thank you, Kelly!”

– Alicia, Mama to 2 + Attorney

“I used to get so anxious about my to-do lists. And, like many moms, I have trouble making myself a priority sometimes. But with [CORECARE,] it’s easier to focus on the good I’m doing every day — and I stress less about what I don’t get done. I also love the energy from other moms (extra special), the online experience overall (super gorgeous), and the private forum (very convenient). Before, my self-care felt like something I was supposed to do. Now, it’s something I get to do… and it’s what keeps me centered.”

– Amy, Mama to 4 + Founder, Exercising Balance Yoga Videos



“CORECARE® was an absolute pleasure. I looked forward to the lessons and I so enjoyed both parts: the videos and Journal pages. It all got me thinking, reflecting, wondering. This program made me love myself a bit more, and that is just a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It shifted something within. I can’t put my finger on it, but something changed. Maybe it was purely taking the time to think about ME. Maybe it was realizing that self-care can be the tiniest of moments… and that’s OK! Maybe it was realizing that I can SHARE my self-care with my little guy… Next week is my due date for baby #2 and I know life is about to shift a whole lot more pretty soon… the newborn days are beautiful and magical, but also full of exhaustion, frustration and other not-so-lovely feelings. I know it may be a bit harder for me to do my favorite self-care activities, but I’m open to new ones (and I learned so many strategies that I can use!)… and I’m so happy that it’s available for me to access anytime, and I can go back to it whenever I want. Simply put, CORECARE® changed my outlook going forward.”

– Liz, Mama to 1.5 + Journalist

Marlena praises Ritual Care

“My husband and I worked with Kelly to prepare for the birth of our first child. Beforehand, I’d done an extensive amount of reading, information gathering and speaking with friends about pregnancy and birth. Still, our sessions with Kelly added so much to my overall knowledge about the labor and delivery process, my body and my baby. Even more, my session with Kelly gave me the confidence that so many books, YouTube videos and even friends rob from new mamas.

Working with Kelly beautifully allowed my husband and I to get on the same page about our goals for labor and how we would come together for our baby. Working with a doula like Kelly is an investment — and most certainly one that I know is well worth it.”

– Marlena, Mama to 1 + Education Consultant

Kelly C. loves Ritual Care

“I love CORECARE®. I love that it is completely centered around the user. You can do it anytime, anywhere. I also love that even though it is “self”-centered you still feel like you are part of a larger group. It’s like Kelly is there by your side, even if she is an ocean away. Working with her has changed my life. She’s helped prepare me to deal with the uncertainty of motherhood and taught me the importance taking time out for myself.

I’d recommend this to everyone, but especially expecting and new mothers who need to learn to relax, be more flexible and love yourself.”

– Kelly, Mama to 2 + Attorney

“Honestly, I thought [CORECARE®] would never fit into my crazy schedule. But it did, and at just the right time. I recently started a new job, moved to a new state, ended a long-term relationship, and was hit with a family emergency — all in the last 6 months. It’s taken all of my energy, and self-care fell to the bottom of my priority list. But Kelly understands juggling ‘real life’ like this.

This program was the ultimate, bite-sized self-care guide for me — even though it’s designed for new moms and I am not a mom myself. I wanted the tools so I could be a more conscientious, supportive friend (and super auntie), and the program delivered.

It’s crafted with care, but without preaching or guilt trips — just encouragement and manageable, effective guidance for the self-care we all deserve.”

– Sonja, “Auntie” to Countless Kiddos + Marketing Manager



“GOLD. I went through a bunch of [CORECARE®] lessons before an event that I had this past weekend. I landed in NY, already travel-weary, sick with a cold, but with a major case of FOMO feeling the need to attend as much of the events as possible to connect with as many people as possible. It didn’t help that there were two other pregnant women there — which made me wonder, if they can do it, shouldn’t I? But in the end, the CORECARE® lessons supported me in listening to the part of me that was so tired I could cry, instead of what I felt I *should do* because everyone else was meeting up early and staying out late. The program helped me do what I knew I needed — and it was priceless. I excited to keep moving through it!”

– Michelle, Mama to 1.5 + Decision Engineering Executive Coach

“I’ve done CORECARE® like a workshop. I am a nerd and really like conferences and workshops, so I liked doing it that way. It was like immersion and prompted much-needed introspection…and it’s changed both my life and my approach to motherhood. Since starting the program, I’ve been inspired to do so many ‘small’ things that make a huge difference in how I feel. Plus, I’ve learned how to incorporate lots of self-care together with my son — something I would have never considered before.”

– Kandice H., Mama to 1 + Attorney

“To me, self care has always been about the big things. An hour-long run. A lunch date or a relaxed phone call with a dear friend. But, with a world-wind toddler and small food business, those things don’t nearly happen as often as they should.

CORECARE® helped me identify the little nuggets of time I didn’t even know I had, and harvest them into guiltless self-care bliss. It’s helped me to stop, take a deep breath (on even the craziest of days) and enjoy the things that make me happy and recharge my spirit. The fact that some many of these moments are spent together with my little girl, is just a huge added bonus.”

– Kristen, Mama to 1 + Collegiate Wellness Coach