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Creating Ritual Workshop 60-Minute Self-Care Makeover 

I know I'm not supposed to say it. But today's "self-care" makes my eyes roll all the way back into my head.  

Not because it isn't important. Truth is, moms need self-care more than ever before.  

We are exhausted. We never turn "off." We're anxious, off-balance, way too busy, burned out. We're on the go, in the car, off to the grocery store -- again. And let's not even talk about cell phone fatigue, and how draining social media can be (even though we can't stop scrolling).  

So, you squeeze in the yoga class. The glass of wine after the kids are in bed. A little Netflix to decompress. It feels good. There's just one problem: the good feeling doesn't last.  

Because it's a cliché. A quick fix that we hope will fix everything.  

But it doesn't. You're still annoyed with your partner. Feeling bone-tired at the end of the day. Having trouble falling asleep, because your mind is still racing.  

You know you're supposed to take care. What you don't know is how to get the relief you want, and the resilience you need, to get through even the hardest, not-enough-coffee-in-the-world days.  

Fortunately, you already have everything you need to start taking care of yourself in a completely different way.  

Don't waste your money on one more trendy product or appointment that'll only give you 15 minutes of relief. Don't spend another moment of your life not loving who you are. Because you are incredible. And please, girl, don't give up on self-care altogether.  

It's time to be more committed than you have ever been to caring for yourself.  

It's time to tap into the deep wisdom and immense power that you haven't even discovered yet.  

It's time to makeover what isn't working for you anymore.  

In this new audio workshop, you'll learn how rituals work, and why they are so powerful. You'll also see how they create the foundation for a strong, loving relationship with yourself. And that's the most important relationship you'll ever have. 

You don't have to be "intuitive." You don't have to bring (or be) anything. 

In fact, by reading these words right now, you've already started.  

This is your one, big, beautiful life. Show up for yourself, Gorgeous. It's time to shine.  

Read more below to see everything you'll learn, and all that we'll get done, in our hour together.


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I can't wait to share this with you...


You Are Worthy. You Are Welcome. 

Self-care isn't just the instant relief techniques you've heard about. It's much bigger -- and more effective -- than that. We'll dive into the why today's care isn't working, what you can do instead, and how you are 100% worth it.


The Self-Care Triad™  

Feel like you're always spinning? Stress, worry, anxiety can overwhelm our brains. This lesson teaches you how to get out of your head, and tap into intuitive and instinctual wisdom that you never learned in school.


Ritual Care®  

Long gone are the days when self-care meant only bubble baths and hot cups of tea. These days, no mom can survive on manicures alone. In this lesson, you'll learn what kind of "no-cliché" self-care gets not only the relief you want, but also the resilience you need.


Your Ritual Care® Practice 

Unsure how to create a self-care ritual that sticks? You're not alone: 97%* of us have no clue where to begin. I'll guide you through 4 simple steps to setting up a ritual you love -- and we'll create one together, step by step.

* Not at all a scientific number. But fun to say anyway.


No More Holding Back  

We waste so much precious time playing small. But the right care rituals help you stand in your power (and break out into a solo dance party because, FUN). As we close, I offer virtual hugs and next steps to help you keep showing up for yourself and shining brightly.


1. How long do I have to complete the program? Regular purchasers have lifetime access to program content. If you're purchasing this program with a health + wellness bundle, you will have access as determined by the bundle provider (but content is downloadable, so technically, ya know, you're good!).

2. Can I get a refund? We do not offer any refunds for the Creating Ritual Workshop. By purchasing the program, you understand and acknowledge its nonrefundable, nonreturnable condition of purchase. If you're purchasing this program with a health + wellness bundle, you're eligibility for a refund for the bundle shall be determined by the bundle provider.

3. Do I have to be a mom to take the Workshop? Nope! The Workshop is designed with moms in mind (especially mothers with small children), so you'll hear motherhood references from time to time -- but anyone can benefit from the principles in the program. Moms of older kids, women, womxn... any human who wants to take better care.

4. What if I am deaf or prefer to read rather than listen? We're happy to report that, based on feedback from one of our deaf customers (thanks, Sita!), we now have closed-captioning on all Workshop sessions. So if you're deaf, hard of hearing, or have a sleeping baby on your chest and no earphones, you can read instead of listen to the audio.

5. Can I take the Workshop on my phone? Yep. The entire Workshop is device-friendly.

6. Do I need to have an Internet connection, or can I listen offline? Wifi problems are no problem. You can stream the program with Internet, of course, but you can also download the program onto your computer (and sync to your device, if you want) for offline use.


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Audio workshop. Printable journal. Online platform. Lifetime access.

Your price: $99  

Oh, hello...

Hey, I'm Kelly — mama to 2 babies, bonus mom to 3 teens, and founder of RITUAL CARE®, an online self-care studio for moms. 

But if you'd told me that a dozen years ago, I never would've believed you. Back then, I was a burned-out (and secretly depressed) corporate attorney. After a sudden breakdown one night, I started healing with self-care, making small changes. And that changed everything — even my career.  

I've been supporting mothers for over a decade, as a self-care educator, birth doula, and postpartum educator. And now I'm taking what I teach my private clients, and sharing it with as many mamas as possible in my online programs.

Come join me for this one-hour wellness makeover, and never think about self-care the same old way again.