If there’s one thing I love, it’s tools that make life easier, +more efficient = more ENJOYABLE. I’m talking about planners, task delegation, routines… all components of sanity-saving mom systems.

You might not think of organization, time management, and other life maintenance as “me” time — but stay with me!

When you’ve got the right systems in place, motherhood morphs out of “HELP!” mode, and into your happy place.

Here are 6 super-practical tools that take care of me every time I use them (and I use them every day):

  1. For task delegation and life management, I l-o-v-e Asana. I did a lot of research in online task managers before choosing Asana, but I’ve been incredibly happy with the result: clean templates, easy task delegation, and a massive increase in my productivity. I have a ton of lists set up for work projects, but I also have a “Personal” project list that tracks things like when to make doctor’s appointments, what I need to buy at the store, and all. the. things. for my son’s birthday party. The amount of features is incredible (and I’m on the free plan!). Plus, the phone app makes it easy-breezy to keep up with tasks on the go.
  2. For big-picture goals, weekly planning, and life focus, I’m addicted to my Ink + Volt planner. I’ve been a planner junkie since I was a teen (hello, Stephen Covey), but I struggled to find the perfect one once I became a mom. My Ink + Volt has answered many of my planner prayers. I love that it comes in “academic years” (now that my daughter’s in preschool, my brain functions in August-to-August mode), and the rich colors and quality have my whole heart.
  3. For free space to dream, brainrain, and jot flashes of brilliance, Papier journals are my current favorite. I’m notorious for having a hundred notebooks, each filled with a million ideas, lists, and random notes. Because keeping up with even one more thing can be a challenge as a mama, I’ve started consolidating into creativity-inspiring, personalized Papier journals. Just try to visit their website without adding a few to your cart (warning: the designs are fabulous — give yourself some time to savor the shopping!).
  4. I’m head-over-heels for my Gaby bag from Sezane — which carries the contents for MY WHOLE LIFE. I also added this long keychain from Luxianda to keep my keys in one place without getting lost. Because lost keys when you’ve got just enough time to get there is the. worst.
  5. For listening to all the podcasts, audiobooks, and messages, I’m crazy for my cordless Bluetooth earbuds. They’re pricey, so if you don’t get the hype, I hear you: before I tried them, I considered them a total luxury. Practically useless. I scoffed (literally) at my husband when he asked if I wanted a pair — reminding him that I already had 6 pairs of regular headphones, thank you very much. But once I started using AirPods, the clouds parted, the sun shone done, and angels sang. I keep them clipped to my Sezane with an Airpod case like this one.
  6. To keep my head (and skin) clear every day, I stay well-hydrated with my BPA-free, stainless steel Contigo water bottles. After learning more about the damage that plastic water bottles do to our planet, I limit my consumption to reusable bottles whenever possible. Contigo has been my favorite brand for years, because they’re so easy to use, they fit in all of my cupholders, and they’re easy to keep clean. (NOTE: though I love my Contigos, I’ve only bought adult-sized bottles. In researching for this post, however, I discovered that Contigo has just issued a second voluntary recall for their kids’ bottles due to a potential choking hazard. If you’ve used any kid-size Contigo bottles, check out the recall information here).

And it’s not just me who’s in love with these care tools — over the years, countless clients have told me how much they love these practical care tools, too!

Discover which work best for you, and create your own mom systems that help you take care of yourself all day long.