Reggie praises Ritual Care

“Wow! We are so glad that we chose Kelly as our [virtual] doula! She is amazing — the consummate professional who combines old school wisdom with modern day best childbirth practices! She was completely responsive before, during and after labor. She provided a perfect, informative class before labor, worked with us over the phone, and immediately responded to time-sensitive text message questions during this labor process. To date, she has continued to provide amazing support and regular communication almost two months our little boy was born.

Kelly’s passion for helping families bring their babies into the world is extraordinary, and she supported us at every step. In addition to her superior knowledge and professionalism, Kelly is a spiritually grounded and peaceful soul, which translates into her care for her clients.

We are so grateful for our son and the beautiful birth experience we had — we attribute much of this to our work with Kelly. In short, she is a true blessing changing the world for the better. Kelly is like a member of our family now.”

– Reginald, Papa to 1 + Attorney

Margaret praises Ritual Care

“Even though I had prepared so much for labor, I wasn’t quite prepared for the emotional and physical shifts that came afterward.

Birthing my daughter — and the months that followed — was the most transformative and challenging thing I’ve ever experienced. I was so exhausted…it was really hard. That’s when I finally started working with Kelly to get some relief for our “fourth trimester.” She is so intuitive, and so, so good with giving caring advice. I have only been practicing the strategies we discussed recently but, like magic, I have already felt a shift.

Kelly draws from quite a deep well of knowledge and I feel I can really trust her. I feel emotionally grounded… and I’m really grateful for her support.”

– Mala, Mama to 2, Sex {Re}Educator

Fern - Ritual Care praise

“During my pregnancies, I felt like the amount of information out there was overwhelming. My husband and I really needed a clear, comprehensive, and calm way to prepare for labor. Kelly was able to give my husband and me the vital information we needed to feel confident going into both of our children’s births. Her advice and her birth documents were crucial in helping us feel prepared for all of the uncertainties, pain, and JOY that labor brings. She allowed us to rest in the knowledge that all would be well in the end when we would be holding our sweet baby — and it was! We will most definitely ask her to be a part of our next birth….there’s no doubt in my mind. So thankful for her grace and wisdom. I also loved her CORECARE program! It was visually and auditorally very calming, beautiful and informative. .”

– Fern, Mama to 3 + Speech Language Pathologist

Kim praises Ritual Care

“Although I don’t have children, I was drawn to [the CORECARE®] program and it worked like a charm. Kelly magically becomes your own private guide, helping you to navigate the stressful daily grind, leading you to clarity and ease. Her “Bliss List” is pure genius and one of my favorite exercises. Kelly knows what it’s like to be insanely busy, and she imparts her lessons in quick, easy-to-understand steps. She expertly guides you toward strategies for success and ease.”

– Kim, Real Estate Agent

Holly praises Ritual Care

“Kelly and Ritual Care have been a godsend. Kelly has provided me with the resources and skills that allow me to take care of myself emotionally, mentally and physically. She’s given me such a gift: a true commitment to my comprehensive self-care and wellness.

Ritual Care has been an integral part of my journey to be committed, consistent, accountable and authentic with respect to my goals and choices.”

– Holly L., Mama to 3 + Attorney

Kavita praises Ritual Care

“I used to have trouble finding the confidence that I needed in all of the roles I play each day, and I often believed that all was lost. But the journey that I am on has been intensified, and clarity has been infused, by the juicy sessions with magnificent Kelly! What a wealth of deep connection we have. When I meet with her, the challenge to be the truth of who I am is infinite. Kelly has helped me move forward through conflicts and challenges, to love myself and, as that is love for all, to love others, too. This work — especially sessions founded in meditation, yoga, and the mind-body-soul connection — has been priceless. Through all stages of womanhood, I believe we must recognize our spirits and work with the gifts we have. My work with Kelly has helped me to see mine. I am now able to embrace my vulnerability, femininity, Shakti, as gifts. Thank you, Kelly. You are a goddess!”

– Kavita, Mama to 2, Student + Mystic

Magda praises Ritual Care

“I had so many fast changes and so many questions along the way after having a baby, and Kelly was a wonderful resource. She was a great cheerleader, very encouraging, fast to respond, and very knowledgable.

I flew with my daughter when she was 9 weeks old and Kelly walked me through the whole process. She is also an incredible baby sleep expert. I really appreciate that she encouraged me to trust my instincts as a new mom, enjoy every moment, and breathe. :)”

– Magda, Mama to 1.5 + Social Media/Event Design Specialist

Holly praises Ritual Care

“I decided to work with Kelly because I was feeling stuck about how to manage my time with my new responsibilities of family. As a mom with two kids under the age of 3, I was trying to balance a freelance career with my job as mother. My work with Kelly inspired me so much. I’ve taken a step back, and reflected on which priorities are most important to me at my current life phase (they definitely have changed from before having kids!). I’ve learned to say no to the stuff that isn’t the most important to me at this point. I’ve realized I can work on the same projects but in a different capacity so that I still have the energy to give to my relationships and children. I truly know now that if I’m not taking care of myself, I’m not able to take the best care of my family either. Instead of burning out, I’m shining bright. I’m able to be here for my family and still do the work I love. I’m truly grateful for Kelly’s amazing advice. It is helping me create the life I really want, with the work I enjoy and the people who are important to me.”

– Holly, Mama to 2, Journalist + Author

Angela praises Ritual Care

“Kelly is brilliant! Before working with her, it was hard to find someone who could support me because of my insane schedule — I travel often, have 4 kids, and run 3 businesses. However, Kelly has been able navigate that and has tailored her services so that I get the full benefit of what she has to offer. She advises me via a combination of phone strategy sessions, and more recently, I participated in one of her workshops.

As a result of this work, I have learned that provisions for my own wellness and self-care allow me to expand my own capacity to offer more to others. I’m seeing growth in both my business and my non-profit, yet gaining insights on how to balance that with my role as a mom and wife. Kelly understands what it means to be a busy executive and brings her experience and wisdom to our sessions.”

– Angela, Mama to 4, Co-Founder of Mahila Partnership + Consultant

Yvonne praises Ritual Care

“Kelly has really helped me to change my old habits. Our self-care strategy work has been wonderful; I have become far more mindful of what I put in my body and its impact on my health. Her support has been a life changer. Since working with Kelly, I have lost 30 pounds, my blood pressure is normal, and my cholesterol is down 75 points!

These sessions have changed my life. Although I have done the work, I don’t know that it would have been possible without Kelly’s support and assistance.

Quite simply, Kelly has taught me lessons that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

– Yvonne, Mama to 1 + Associate Judge

Yana praises Ritual Care

“Working with Kelly is transformational. Not only is she acutely intelligent, but she is also so intuitive that she pushes and pulls in just the way to make breakthroughs happen on personal and professional levels. Our sessions range from the practical to the soulful – an integrated and wholesome approach to coaching that is really special and it works. Kelly encouraged me in feeling, forming, and enacting my business and work as a yoga teacher.

There is absolutely no price for this gem of a human being. Seriously. She is totally incredible – knowledgable, experienced, and heartfelt. I will definitely continue to work with her and welcome her presence as I build my life’s work. Kelly, I completely admire and adore you – thank you!”

– Yana, Yoga Teacher

Evie praises Ritual Care

“While I was pregnant with my second child, I was chasing around a 3-year old. It wasn’t easy.

Working with Kelly helped me gain a mind-body connection, and her personal attention and wonderful teaching style really helped me focus on my body and my unborn baby. She helped me focus on how I wanted my birth to be, and what to do if it didn’t meet my expectations. As we approached my due date, she offered plenty of support and encouragement around the clock.

My 12 hours of labor went so smoothly with Kelly’s help that a nurse actually commented on how relaxed I was! Without her, the birth of my second child would not have been as special as it was. Thanks to Kelly, I welcomed my beautiful daughter into the world very peacefully. ”

– Evelyn, Mama to 2 + Engineering Consultant

Stuart praises Ritual Care

“I am more confident in my own voice and sense of self than I ever have been. Kelly helped me tremendously in the start of my business after I made a big career change. Her guidance has been crucial in helping me develop my own problem-solving techniques – and most helpfully breaking down a situation with me, not for me. 

I now have a solid understanding of how I need to take care of myself in order to best serve my clients – including everything from how I manage my schedule, to drinking enough water throughout the day.

She’s shared care tools that I will call on forever. The opportunity to work with Kelly is invaluable.”

– Stuart, Mama to 1 + Owner of Brierre Yoga ™