Natasha praises Ritual Care

“Before I worked with Kelly, I felt unclear about how to move forward in my work, especially while balancing all of my other responsibilities. My session with Kelly exceeded my expectations. Within just a couple minutes, I felt like she knew me.

I could tell she took the time to research my background and familiarize herself with my current ventures. Also, her simple question of asking me how I was feeling brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t expect a single consultation to bring me to such a tender place of mindfulness.

After the call, I felt empowered to take practical steps forward, and have already accomplished so much because of Kelly’s friendly, yet assertive guidance.”

– Natasha, Mama to 2 + Yoga Teacher

Christina praises Ritual Care

“Kelly doesn’t know it, but she’s actually a gardener. I have a whole garden of hypothetical, beautiful, blooming rose bushes because of her.

You see, working with Kelly is like watching a flower blossom. I start off feeling tiny, closed, stuck or scared about something that’s happened in my life or business and as Kelly asks direct, focused questions, my bud starts to open. Each session is like adding a new plant to your garden- you have to keep tending those flowers if you want them to continue to thrive, but there’s always room for more beautiful blooms.”

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– Christina, Attorney + Founder,

Kelly praises Ritual Care

“Before I became a Ritual Care client, I was feeling unmotivated and overwhelmed by the weight I’d gained and the effort I felt it would take to get control of my eating and (non) exercise habits. Since working with Kelly, I’ve gained confidence in myself and my ability to tackle my issues with food/eating and body image. I have also learned a tremendous amount about nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle modification.

The fabulous thing about Kelly’s strategy sessions is how flexible and accommodating she is. She puts a tremendous amount of time and energy into learning about your particular needs, fears, and goals as an individual.

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– Kelly, Grant + Policy Coordinator

Lisa praises Ritual Care

“I’m a really driven person. Before working with Kelly, I lived a life of perpetually moving goal posts: wanting more, achieving it, and without rest, immediately resetting the markers to the next thing. But now, I’m on a new journey, and I want to release the things that aren’t serving me well anymore so I can move to the next step, whatever it is. My old habits were holding me back, and our work gave me valuable insights and critical reminders.

I can’t thank Kelly enough. So many possibilities seem available to me because, as I realized during our work together, ‘I know I will always have everything I will ever need.’ Kelly’s insights and counsel helped me move several things from my ‘hobby list’ towards a ‘purpose list,’ and I feel much more aligned with my truest goals. I am not sure where I will land, but my wings are catching air!”

– Lisa, Mama to 1, Global Law Enforcement Executive + Yoga Teacher